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2225: The Lavender Ceiling

Rod and Karen discuss knowing yourself, Coronavirus News, more election stealing attempts, Nancy Pelosi back as speaker,  DACA restrictions ruled invalid, a fan sneaks into airport to meet Jay-Z, Megyn Kelly, sobering up device, LGBTQ news and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I’m not sure if Dump’s legal team is just this incompetent or are they just scamming him for more money. I’d feel bad for them if they weren’t all horrible goblins. And what was that shit oozing from the side of Guliani’s head. How did he go from America’s to America’s second biggest clown, Dump being number one.

  2. rodimusprime

    I am an essential worker at one of my jobs. Overnight, I work in a retail store stocking the shelves. When I get to work, they scan our badge and we are supposed to answer a verbal assessment to screen for any covid symptoms in addition to taking our temperature. But sometimes, they skip the assessment and answer the questions for us. Also, when they take our temperature, they don’t tell us what it is.

    One day, we were sent an email at home to screen ourselves before we arrived to work. I catch the train to work and I developed a cough so I answered “yes” to ‘do you have a cough that hasn’t gone away even with medication?’ So, when I arrived to work, they scanned my badge and it blocked me from clocking in, so they called a manager WHO SAID HE NEVER SEEN THAT SCREEN BEFORE. So, I was walked to his office and he asked me did i answer yes to any question. And I explained that I had a cough that hasn’t gone away and out of caution for my coworkers, I answered yes because I catch the train and sometimes I’m around a lot of people, so on and so forth. He told me to take it again and answer no because they need me to work. If not, I’d have to be sent home and I couldn’t come back for 10 days and it would count against my attendance. Sounds wrong but I live in the bay area and I need the extra income so I stayed and retook the assessment and answered no.

    Long story short, I can’t believe that they’ve never had anyone answer no to any of the assessment questions. There are close to 200 people working in that place. My shift is about 15 people but still, I can’t believe he asked me to lie. They really don’t care about us. Luckily for me, I was tested for covid and it was negative. But, they couldn’t have possibly known that at the time, and took that risk with me.

    I would love to hear any thoughts about this from you and Karen.

    Have a good day.

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