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PG 264: Wet As Ramen Pride

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Black kids being raised in fear, Karen’s job shuts down the meetings, Karen is reading, Rod goes to the Doctor, An American Murder, The Good Lord Bird, Cheaters, listener feedback and some Pregame news.


  1. ClassicRandBLover

    Happy Holiday Season Rod, Karen and Justin,

    Hopefully, this post finds you well. I was wondering if you have watched the Ta-Nehisi Paul Coates special on HBO, Between the World and Me? It is a little more than 90 minutes and it is excellent. I plan to rewatch over the holidays. Jingle Jangle on Netflix is an excellent Black holiday story and it is on my rewatch list as well.

    I just finished Fargo and man, oh man, I hope that ending is a sign that more Bokeem Woodbine is coming if the series gets a fifth season.

    Between these things and Twitter foolishness, my time is fully occupied.

    I am currently listening to President Obama read his current book, A Promised Land. I love it and the fact that he addresses the Rump debacle right out the gate.

  2. rodimusprime

    Rod, Karen, Justin,

    Greetings, I’m just writing in with a show recommendation. The show is actually an anthology series of 5 films produced by Steve McQueen. It’s based on the real life experiences of the West Indian community and is set between 1969 and ’82. It’s currently premiering on Amazon Prime Video here in the US.

    I watched the first film called “Mangrove” and was instantly blown away. It concerns the Mangrove restaurant owner’s clash with the local UK police and it’s ensuing trial. Bruh all the Black Brit actors are representing here including Letitia Write(Shuri from Black Panther). It has one of the best courtroom scenes I’ve seen in ages. This thing cooks. I just noticed before I wrote this that film number two, called Lover’s rock, just showed up and it’s getting heavy buzz on the twitters. Way more so than Mangrove which I thought was excellent!

    Check it out, I love when I can get a glimpse of the black struggle elsewhere, it’s all the same, therefore so relatable. Anyway thanks for letting me rant over this thing, keep up the good work and hope y’all had a happy thanksgiving!

    Cory B

  3. Kemdoc

    Happy thanksgiving yahhh bish!!!

    The reframing of the Gucci stunt during the Verzuz battle was…..I mean shyt I’ve never seen anything like what he did in my entire life. And it’s so polarizing. If goons were sent, I can see how he is like how is Jeezy the victim here…..and yet, I gotta admit, Jeezy came off as the victim and the bigger person without question. Gucci looked beyond petty and small. Almost like Trump bringing women Bill Clinton was involved with to sit in Hillary’s line of sight during that one debate. This nigga still won that election. Wtf. Eww America. Glad we turning the Fukk outta that page. Lock them up. Lock them up.

    I ran across this tweet of the deepest pool and I gotta say………I’m terrified. Would y’all do this? I attached the tweet with the video. Hopefully you can see it. No need to guess the race lol. He was!

    Enjoy the turkey,

  4. fyahworks

    Hey rod, Karen, Justin

    happy turkey day to you guys and all my folks behind the paywall, always a good time, once a week, when we link up and discuss pop culture and sports! You guys are the best!!!!
    And Of course happy African American Friday as well!

    You guys be safe

    Fyahworks out….

  5. dbtrill1

    As always y’all niggas killin it.. just wanted to say thank you for the bday shoutout a couple of weeks ago much appreciated that shit really made my day..Much love for y’all

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