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BDS 375: The All Black Ref Game

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, drafting Lamelo, NBA trades, Raiders covid fail, Kevin Porter Jr punched woman while defending his sister, Chris Paul traded to Suns, Klay out for the season again, Zeke Nnaji mama at the draft, Kim Ng first woman GM, The Weeknd Super Bowl halftime, Golden Tate apologizes, Adrien Broner still trolling, Deandre Baker has charges dropped, pilots make penis symbol for football star, Antonio Brown breaks camera, NBA wants to have fans in 5 to 10 arenas, LSA ignored sexual assaults, NCAA March Madness, Paulina Gretzky is back on IG, all Black NFL ref staff, no Olympics for NBA players, Cano suspended a year, Bogdan Bogdanovic won’t sign and trade, Giants fire OL coach after fight, Cam Newton is fighting the Covid still, NFL teams ordered to intensify Covid restrictions, Jrue Holiday trade, Dillon Brooks baby mama fall out, Bernard Tomic eating ass, Anna Horford gets harassed on Twitter, Reshad Jones arrested, Jim Edmonds rips ex for getting Covid, Goedert looks like he was the aggressor now, Earl Thomas back with wife after she filed for divorce and Rachel Bush wilding on Twitter.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jaul George,

    I hope all is good with y’all.

    THE CLEVELAND BROWNS HAVE LOCKED UP THEIR FIRST NON-LOSING SEASON SINCE 2007 Y’ALL! At 8-3, the Browns have guaranteed they won’t have a losing season. And they still gotta play the Jets (sorry ass hell), the Giants (sorry as hell) and the Ravens (COVID as hell). I ain’t gotta lie to myself about the Browns being good cuz they ain’t, but saying “The Browns beat at least 1 playoff team” this season will be true since they played the whole NFC East. The Eagles really won a Super Bowl 3 years and went from classy to ashy. You hate to see it.

    Speaking of things you hate to see: The Knicks really have been having a competent offseason, Nate Robinson decided to rep them in his fight and what happened? I was half expecting Simba to try to wake his ass up. I know he spent the longest time with the Knicks but why would we he rep them? He has his freedom papers but decided, naw, he wanted to go out cold and sad. Jake Paul is from Westlake, OH; a bustling white flight suburb on Cleveland’s westside. I can guarantee someone is painting Paul standing over Robinson right now.

    I’ve long believed that if they don’t have college football on Earth-2, 95% of college football coaches are cops. That remaining 5% though? Dabo Swinney would be a prosperity preacher at an all white church that holds weekly fundraisers for the local police union. Dabo let a *symptomatic* player practice all week and travel with Clemson and then has the gall to come after Florida State? I can’t with that dude.

    I hope y’all had an enjoyable holiday! Thanks for all the shows as always!

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  2. fyahworks

    Welcome back Rod, Karen, Jate Robinson

    1. Whew child the internet is undefeated! The memes were crazy this week, after that knockout by jake Paul. I didn’t expect Nate to win but I didn’t expect it to end so quickly. Apparently there is a strand of weed pd called Nate Robinson that “puts you to sleep”!

    2. Being that we missed last week, and there was trades , signings And free agent pick ups, I’m sure you guys will cover most of them but I wanted rod and Karens opinion about the Hayward to Charlotte move, and Justin, who was more petty Harrell or the lakers?

    3. The John wall /westbrook swap happen on Wednesday, I wasn’t shocked because I felt that was similar to the Cp3 / russ swap cuz it was about money. Who u guys think won that trade? On paper, Houston looks good, having boogie wall and harden, but Rumor has it harden still wants to leave.

    4. Lastly Rod, I loved your tweet about drew Brees! Where u said god took his ribs. Cuz he ain’t wanna kneel! Classic!

    Missed you guys last week and the shows this week, but I know y’all niggaz need a break sometimes!

    Stay safe and blessed/ niggaz only….only niggaz

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

  3. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod, Karen, and Janny Ainge. I don’t think enough has been said about how the white Max player got out of Boston as fast as he could. Congrats to Charlotte for signing Hayward and making their team better. I get annoyed when people who don’t work for the team get mad at how a team is spending money. Especially in the NBA where only 2-3 teams really have a chance of winning the championship. I don’t see a problem with “small market teams” spending money money and investing on being a fun fan favorite team for years. I think that’s funner than being Philly and Boston where you do all that dumb draft pick hoarding shit just to never win. Also looks like LeBron has these boys running to the east. Peace niggas only

  4. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jate Robinson

    Between him and Kevin Hart short men have been set back 10 years this week. He should have known better when he saw Wilder get knocked the fuck out to that white man in Black History Month, now another L? Antonio Brown better watch out talking slick in this diss tracks. And yes, I knew it was over for him once I saw he was out there in Knicks colors.

    But Rod, they told me no free agents wanted to play with LeBron! Told me it would be different in the West, now every other superstar is trying to come East. Now our boy is gonna be there until Bronny comes into the league and they’re upgrading the roster like this? Your fave could never! And just saw Justin’s boy LiAngelo got picked up by the Pistons so all 3 Ball brothers got contracts this year. Cue up Kenan!

    Hope y’all enjoyed your Thanksgiving and had a great week. Appreciate y’all

    P.S. Can we stop messing around with Teddy Bridgewater, we know he ain’t the answer. Put that PJ kid back in, he was at least fun last week!

  5. Kemdoc

    Rod, Karen, and Jarl-Janthony Townes,

    Nigga. Can we all admit: Karl-Anthony Townes and Jordyn Woods are cute as Fukk. Did y’all see that corny ass old spice commercial?? I love it! Get the bag sis. I’m here for a cute, richhhh, fine ass couple. Tristan who?!?! Get the Fukk!! And Joel Embiid over there with his substitute ass teacher while KAT is thriving. Don’t worry about what’s happening at the top of things nigga!! KAT wins…. Lol. And he deserves. He has always struck me as a dope ass dude. He may be a lil soft, but he’s a baby still finding his way. I can’t imagine how devastating things are still with the loss of his beautiful mother. His outpouring of love for her is amazing.

    Sports is whatever. I’m just here for the groupie tales.

    Be safe,

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