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TNO 161: Johnny 5’s Life Matters

Rod, Karen, Aaron and D Palm discuss listener feedback, entertainment, the Xbox Series X, chameleon seen after 100 years, Phil Spencer on Black people in the gaming industry, Pokimane has donation cap, Disney movie slate changing, Johnny Deep out of Fantastic Beasts, Ubisoft removes podcast guest, Sega asks employees to retire early, Lashana Lynch had to delete social media, Night Has Fallen, Disney loses 7 billion on parks, Punisher season 3 could happen, Constantine 2 in the works, PS4 backwards compatability issues, Darkwing Duck reboot, Venture Bros coming to HBO Max, Elon Musk is a space Karen, HBO Max coming to Amazon Fire, Transformers sequel details, Short Circuit reboot, Fleets, Uno game show, Facebook moderators unhappy, Wonder Woman 1984, James Bond game, Avengers getting Kate Bishop, Twitch DMCA battles, Monster Hunter movie, Twitch suspends xQc, PS5 shipment delays due to size, Walking Dead season 10 premiere date and Red Dead Redemption remastered.


  1. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here. You guys will definitely cover the Disney announcements so I’ll keep it brief for my thoughts. Inject everything directly into my veins. I’ll only talk about a few things, first of all, TIANA GETTING HER OWN SHOW BRUV!! BLOODY FANTASTIC MAN!! GET IN!!! Secondly, They went and picked up the most well known Pan-African art collective Kugali Media to the big leagues. I’m absolutely floored. I’ve followed those folks for years and seen them steadily growing. Nice to see them get a major studio behind them like this. And Lastly, NIGGA WE GETTING STAR WARS ANIMATRIX!!! I WOULD LITERALLY SELL MY FUTURE MARRIAGE TO MEPHISTO TO WORK ON THIS. I almost choked on my tea when I read that. Hella excited to see what that turns into. I feel like the highschool freshman looking at the cool kids table and wanting to join in haha. Hope I get to work on stuff as cool as this in the future. If this is successful I really hope we get full star wars anime of stories like lost stars and master and apprentice. Basically any of Claudia Gray’s star wars books need anime adaptations. They already made a star wars lost stars manga. You know it makes sense. Anyway that’s all the input I got. I watched the lethal weapo- I mean falcon and winter soldier trailer and died laughing at those 2 dumbies. Can’t wait for that show.

    All imma say about the new star wars shows is if I don’t see grand admiral Rae sloane in either of them imma drive down to lucasfilm and bang on the doors until I get arrested. That new Republic show is legit a perfect place for her to show up and we know these dummies read the aftermath trilogy because they put that hoodlum Cobb vanth in the mandalorian.

    Other than that, I was a bit sad at the news the recently announced 6th season of the expanse would be the last. I do however see we were lucky to have it last this long in the first place so I’m grateful they got to adapt so much of this wonderful story. Hopefully they choose a good endpoint for us. I’m reminded I need to finish the 6th and 7th books. Bought them a year ago and got distracted by other books. Gonna. make time after I finish Obama’s tome haha.

    And Lastly, happy to see more of the comics marvel delayed will be coming back next year. Can’t wait to read this black panther finale. Ok love y’all, Felix out.

  2. rodimusprime

    Yo, House of Mouse killed it with that presentation. They came through like Larry Bird telling those dudes they were playing for second in that 3 point contest. They was dirty macking like Joe and scooped up Patty from DC. Like, ” You a Oscar winner. They don’t deserve you girl. You wanna make a Star Wars movie? I got you.” They some assholes for that. Wonder Woman coming out in 2 weeks. They could’ve waited for that announcement. Thor is my favorite character, I can’t believe we’re getting Gor, the God Butcher. They clearly heard all of the slander against Boba Fett. Last week’s Mandorian was them clapping back, as they should. Put some respect on that man’s name!

    There’s a show called Gangs of London. It’s by the people who made The Raid. It is one of the craziest, most violent things I’ve ever seen. You can watch the 1st ep for free on Amazon Prime. The rest is through AMC+. You can sign up for the free trial and binge all the episode. It’s AMAZING. Every episode I think they killed a stunt man and used the footage anyway.

    The Series X is NICE! Gears 5 at 4k 120. Nigga! Small PSA, go through all your consolve, TV, and audio device settings. Take the time, it’s worth to take full advantage of all bells and whistles the things can do. If you don’t some of that stuff won’t be turn on and your picture won’t look as good as it can. I watch a YouTube channel called HDTVTest. They will walk you through settings for the consoles, different TV models, etc. It’s so worth it.

    Peace y’all. What a time to be nerd! Make mine Marvel.


  3. Amani

    I was all set to write about HBO Max finally making the move to kill movie theaters, but NIGGA! That Disney+ presentation.

    Rod, they told me there was no reason to pay for the service and that it was dying! There’s nothing on there that’s worth it unless you’re a kid. We getting Ahsoka, Riri, America Chavez, and the First Family and that’s just for starters! Who else is dropping heat like this in an INVESTOR’S call?! Looked at WB and said that’s cute. Nigga they got Christian Bale as Gorr this shit is about to be so bad. Dawg they just slid Secret Invasion in on the low. This shit was too much. And that’s not even getting into what this multiverse shit is about to look like. Y’all see these Spider-Man 3 announcements. Just take my money!

    And let me take a minute to give our girl Kathleen Kennedy some love. Everybody wants to talk shit when a movie “ONLY” makes a billion, but they’re real quiet when it comes to giving her credit for shit like The Mandalorian. She was hand picked to take over the studio the same way Filoni was by Lucas but folks love to act like only matters. What a time to be alive!

  4. nahan87

    Hey Nerd Off Crew,

    Last episode Aaron mentioned he was reading Noblese on the Webtoons app so I started it. Thanks for the suggestion, I’m not far but really want to know what happened to the main dude. It made me wonder if you are reading Eleceed? It’s about this guy who has super speed but hides his powers from the world until he finds this cat that has powers too. Long story short the cat used to be one of the most powerful people in S. Korea but transformed himself while wounded due to a battle and accidently turned himself into a cat. He teaches the guy about how there are different organizations of powered people and they call themselves Awakened. The fight scenes in this comic are amazing. It’s made by the same folks who wrote Girls of The Wilds which was one of the first English language Webtoons on the app. If you haven’t read that one it’s really good too. It’s about this guy who is the first guy to integrate an all girls high school that decided to go coed. He doesn’t understand why no other guys agreed to go until he gets to the school and realizes it’s a martial arts school and every girl in it is required to take a martial arts extra curriculum. Now the battles in THAT comic were crazy good.

    Anyways, if you haven’t read them or if anyone else is interested in getting into reading Webtoons, I highly recommend the comics I listed above. Girls of the Wilds finished it’s run but Eleceed is currently being published week-to-week.


    – Nahan87

  5. ClassicRandBLover

    Hey Nerd Off Crew,

    Shout out to Rod and Aaron for always talking up The Clone Wars. It took me three tries to get through season one, before I got to the episodes that made me go, “Okay, I will come back to this soon.” Season two got off to a great start, but it wasn’t until after joining #TBGWT for its Thanksgiving episode, which was tons of fabulous fun, did season two of The Clone Wars reach “I’ll watch just one more episode” status. “Just one more episode” carried on for two additional hours worth of episodes. Those Mandalor episodes help add layers to The Mandalorian, which I was loving even without all the backstory.

    I am new to the anime game, but I have found that I really like what I have gambled on thus far. Knowing that you, Karen and Aaron love anime, I was wondering if you have watched Ajin: Demi Human on Netflix? It is so good. Rod, I know you liked Demon Slayer, so you might like Ajin as well. It is a nice change of pace from Avatar: The Laster Airbender, and will serve as a buffer before I get into The Legend of Korra. I’m still waiting to hear about the renewal status of Cannon Busters, and I’m waiting for dubbed version of Season 4 of My Hero Academia to drop. I tried the subbed version, but I couldn’t get past the different voice actors playing the roles. I am also anxiously awaiting the return of Food Wars and to receive my copy of NijÅ« Oranda-go!! – Chapter 0 “Ready..GO!!”, which I pre-ordered.

    In keeping with the holiday season, although not necessarily nerd related, I was wondering if anyone has watched Jingle Jangle on Netflix? It is fantastic. It is bright and colorful and filled with Black joy. Aaron, your daughter might enjoy it. I am currently awaiting the premiere of Soul on Disney+. I wanted to see this in theaters, but that Rona keeps ruining things.

    Well, that brings my long email to an end. Here’s hoping that everyone has a happy, safe and socially distanced holiday season.

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