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2229: International Mr. Leather

Rod and Karen are joined by International Mr. Leather Jack Thompson to discuss Thanksgiving, the leather community, kink culture, push back to his ground breaking win as a trans man of color, dealing with teachable moments in the community, Dom / Submissive relationships, having an open marriage, how the HIV epidemic informs the current pandemic, how the election of Trump divided the community, how to get into the kink community and then we play some Guess The Race. Woman borrows car and doesn’t return it, 81 year old marine beats up thieves and naked woman at Popeye’s dumpster.

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  1. Mawnty

    I laughed so hard at the intro when Rod changed it up and said “with your hosts Rod AND…” Karen was taken by surprise, as was I, so her reaction was so funny. A little throwback to keep you on your toes, Karen.
    I also enjoyed this interview and I learned a lot. It was great to hear such a candid discussion about different aspects and subsets of the LGBTQ world. Learning is always key to better communication and tolerance. I felt like I learned a little more than I knew before so if I hear someone (a family member, most likely) say something bigoted and ignorant I can say , wait hold on that’s not what you think. Cheers to Jack!

  2. mizzbarnes

    I loved this interview. One of the many reasons why I love y’a ll so much is that I get to learn something new everytime. I did not know about the Mr. International Leather competition. I really enjoyed the interview with Jack and got to talk to his husband, Geoff in the chat for a spell. Thank you again for the spot on interview.

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