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2230: The Great Adventures Of Depressed Girl

Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Brandi Brown to discuss doing stand up in the pandemic, pandemic dating, not being able to go back to normal, the George Floyd protests on the ground, what we’ve been doing for entertainment, our ancestors hands, Joe Biden Thanksgiving speech, the political climate, dealing with social media backlash and so much more.

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  1. Mawnty

    I once again fell behind with the episodes so I played this one as I was falling asleep, with the intention of re-listening tomorrow. Somehow, at some point I had a realization: I sat up in bed and said, wait! Is this Brandi the comedian I follow on Twitter?! And it is! She’s the best and now I guess I started following her because of Rod and Karen. Well I’m such a fan, from ALL her cat tweets (I’m literally catsitting right now) to the Minnesota State Fair tweets to the Jessica Fletcher/Murder She Wrote tweets as well as her jokes and life observations. I was also very moved by her thoughts and experience of the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis.
    Well, this episode completely encapsulates everything that makes me a fan. It’s a real treat to hear her voice and I’m enjoying this very fun and ever more interesting conversation.
    Still listening but I had to comment before I missed the window of opportunity, seeing as how it’s 1am, and I’m always so late to submit feedback. A wonderful ending to another great week of episodes.

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