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2232: Slave Trader Joe’s

Rod and Karen discuss how social media has changed our conversations, Coronavirus news, election news, Obama on Defund slogan, AOC selling merch, the word of the year, DACA restored, Letita Wright shares conspiracy video and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kemdoc

    Selfishly, I got really sad for the state of the Black Panther movie and all that are working for it. There’s a ground swell to make Shuri the Black Panther in the departing of Chadwick. That would be ground breaking and revolution. A black female lead in the Marvel universe. I just don’t see that happening right now. Everyone involved is painted into a tight corner with her ideology. I am always taken aback when people who more than likely work with members of the LGBTQIA community have these views. Hopefully she can build and grow from this. I wish her the best of luck.

  2. rexsoleil

    I’m so glad you two took a break, and I was stoked to see the new episode pop up on my feed. I’m only about 20min into this episode, but I’m already roped in and eager to share your insights far and wide.
    I really appreciate how forthcoming you two are about your interactions on social media. I feel like we’re all simultaneously exhausted by it and hooked on it, and we rarely sit down and think about what we’re doing to feed the cycle – and what we can do to break it. I think you are really wise (especially you, Karen) to quickly disengage as soon as you see comments on a FB post get destructive.
    It’s a bummer that folks in power (Zuckerberg, Jack on Twitter, etc.) waited until their platforms got toxic to begin the effort to problem solve, fact-check, and generally de-escalate engagement. I’m not naïve – I know they fed the sensationalism that brought us there – but I doubt they had anticipated the problems we see today : the rash of hate groups, the preponderance of lies spread unchecked…
    Anyways. Thank you two for sharing your wisdom, and for helping me be a little more mindful in my online interactions.

  3. rodimusprime

    Dear Rod and Karen,

    I would like to remain anonymous, please, and will try to keep this short.

    I want to thank you for expressing how I have been feeling on today’s show, Sunday December 6. I am a physician in a high risk field as it pertains to this virus, and have seen many COVID deaths young and old. It is very frustrating to see the nonchalance and defiance that so many have about this pandemic. Of course, I wear PPE with each encounter, but the risk is not negligible. You mentioned something along the lines of you would not be surprised if healthcare workers started to strike. Well, as a black woman with my own underlying conditions, I have been seriously considering alternative career options after more than 20 years in Medicine. This breaks my heart, because being a physician has been my dream come true.

    I personally know of some other physicians who are having similar thoughts. One thing that keeps me going is that I know I am a representative and health advocate that my black patients and patients of color need. Also, there is the fact that I love my work and all of my patients despite race or any other factor. I just hope and pray that there will be a more serious approach to this pandemic in the near future. We healthcare workers did not take oaths to sacrifice our own lives when there are simple solutions that could make things so much better.

    Anyway, I could say so much more, but I will stop here. I apologize that this got lengthy and for any typos. Thanks to you two for somehow knowing how to express what I and some other physicians have been feeling and for continuing to do what you do to benefit public health and safety. Thank you and stay safe!


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