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2233: The Pand Down Under

Rod and Karen discuss how audio humanizes people, Coronavirus News, Election news, Cardi B in hot water, JT in pisses off Twitter, Dr. Dre’s daughter hasn’t seen him in 17 years, g-strings at the beach, Future fights at his kids bday party, Noah Cyrus racist insult, True Kitchen viral video and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I was scratching my head wondering why people were so upset with Cardi B over a purse. Male rappers are constantly photographing themselves with bricks of money and holding it up to their ears like phones and no one says shit. A lot of it came off as jealousy and the concern trolling was even more annoying. The girl who said she had gotten money from Cardi but didn’t think Cardi should have talked about such an extravagant purchase in the middle of a pandemic when people were struggling came off as performative go me. And had the nerve to get upset when Cardi retweeted her. When someone said Cardi retweeting her was “violence” I rolled my eyes. I think people don’t care how other people spend their money as long as they like you. But when they’re jealous and hate you they cloak their hate with wokeness. It was just a damn purse and it was her money to waste.

    I didn’t know the backstory to True Kitchen. I only saw him go into his hotep speech on camera but if someone asks you to stop doing something in their establishment and your answer is to stand on their furniture then that’s inappropriate. He’s right we wouldn’t do that in other establishments. But on the other hand he went a little too far with his speech. Everyone in the restaurant caught strays. He could have just addressed the offenders told time to leave instead of going into an Umar Johnson speech.

    Lastly, if you let Future raw dog you, than that’s basically asking to be another one of his disrespected baby mamas and I can’t feel sorry for them

  2. Anne

    I thought Clubhouse was still in Beta testing. How is everyone getting on it and having fun without me?

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