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2234: Leather Chainsaw Texas Fantasy

Rod and Karen discuss being defensive of southern Blackness, Coronavirus News, election news, food bank lines, women over 65 don’t want to live with men, Bey scraps tour, PS5 truck thefts, Olivia Jade on the Red Table, Boosie suing Zuckerberg, Amazon racist baby doll, man smears feces on mail boxes, woman drives over boyfriend during break up, woman shoots a racist chainsaw wielding man and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I’m from a town in NC where the black live on one side of the town and whites another. We didn’t have a grocery store but had two churches and everyone is country as fuck but I still call it home even though I’ve been up North for some years now.

  2. msmarysmile

    Re: married over 65. Dude, you’ve also been married three times. Maybe she doesn’t want to deal with that baggage either!

    • Kemdoc

      Right. That 65 year old man sounds like he would cramp her style completely. She just wanna Dress…….and Rest. That’s it bruh. Serve your purpose for her. Edify her life and keep the nagging and stress to a minimum.

      I remember Rod reading an article about single older men versus single older women with regard to life span. Single older women were healthier and lived longer fulfilling lives. Listening to that horrendous relationship expert talk to that successful black woman who thought she was a 6, plus this 65 year old man it’s so many conflicting messages out there. Self assurance and knowing what you need out of a future partner and being honest about that but also being prepared to cut it if the person doesn’t respect what you bring to the table is key.

      Plus like Whoopi, this 65 year old woman don’t want nobody in her house. Lol.

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    Rod, hearing you talk about the Tuskegee Experiment Podcast reminded me to comment. I began listening to the five-part series after seeing you post about it on Twitter. It was excellent. I especially liked how the podcast connected the historical treatment of Black people by the government and medical professionals to Black people not seeking treatment during the continuing, even if not still focused on, AIDS epidemic. This history clearly plays into what is happening during the Coronavirus Pandemic. I especially liked the discussion on Black infant mortality and the deaths of Black woman post childbirth. This is the first time I heard a confirmed of what I and I think other Black Americans feel, there is something about this country that contributes to these things. Hearing that African Women who come to America have the same level of infant mortality rates and post childbirth deaths as white women, but by the next generation, their children are where all Black Americans are was chilling.

    I was so impressed, I have downloaded the American Scandal story of the Native Americans, and I will be diving into it beginning this weekend.

    Thanks again for the recommendation.

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