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2239: This Is Your Pilot Speaking

Rod and Karen discuss white feminism sabotaging progress, Coronavirus News, Election News, Pornhub deletes unverified content, Shenzhen city mandates time off, Kim K asks Trump to pardon man on death row, Tiffany Haddish asked to host the Grammy’s for free, man assaults mother over cigarette money, Santa tells boy no guns, man stabs someone at a party and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kemdoc

    The fact that the prolife side/Republican side of arguments are for

    1. Death penalty…they’re really gonna ensure that more people are executed in the coming weeks than have been in a long time….judges are callously denying stays of execution when witnesses are recanting
    2. More guns and automatic weapons….
    3. The spread of the coronavirus through their patented and blatant disregard across the country

    Is wild to me. And the fact that they win elections while protecting interests of corporations and elites while leaving their supporters and the rest of this starving country to die is really something.

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