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2238: Whites Only Church

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, election news, Trump rally gets violent in DC, Biden’s cabinet picks, house decriminalizes weed, Dr. Jill Biden responds to sexist op-ed, white’s only church, Justin Bieber upset about Grammy categorization, Black Capitalists and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kemdoc

    Can’t wait for Dr Jill Biden to be our First Lady and reveal her agenda. I’m also glad that they won’t immediately move into the White House. They need to send several cleaning and fumigation teams into that bihh to really bust some suds. Covid was all up and through there okay!!

  2. EvieE

    I had a white friend who was a choir director for her church and she roped me and my husband in to singing in the choir for a few sundays at her church. Let me tell you it was the stalest, joyless, whitest experience I ever had. It was like eating fried chicken with no seasoning. No I take it back, it was like eating a plain boiled chicken breast with no salt. Yes we were out by noon but damn it was boring. Black church may be long as fuck but the music is better, the fashion is on point, the old black auntie beef helps to get through the long ass service. Whites can keep their seasonless church.

    You know what other group has a spicy church service? The Koreans. They sing gospel music just like us. I was blown away.

  3. Sean

    This episode you discussed the BioNTech (Pfizer) vaccine. Specifically you said that “it is your immune system responding properly” to the vaccine. It is important to note that the reason that reactions to mRNA vaccines are much more short-lived than what one would experience with a typical vaccine is that they use mRNA to create proteins markers from SARS CoV-2 viral “spikes” in your cells. This produces far milder side effects than traditional vaccines.

    Currently, DNA & mRNA vaccines are becoming the norm in veterinary vaccines because they are cheaper to mass-produce, cause fewer and milder side effects, and do not cause secondary immune responses that decrease the efficacy of boosters (with the SARS CoV-2, natural immunity lasts, on average, 6 months; the Oxford University (Astrazenaca) vaccine it is predicted to last, on average, 12 months; data for the BioNTech (Pfizer) & NIH (Moderna) vaccines longevity have not been released to my knowledge); boosters will likely be necessary for any of this first round of vaccines. Getting one of each vaccine will not extend the length of immunity. Furthermore, the BioNTech & NIH vaccines use mRNA to target spikes while the Oxford University uses DNA to target the spikes, they will probably not increase your overall immunity, while increasing the risk for side effects.

    DNA & mRNA vaccines also do not require the type of growth medium that sometimes causes allergic reactions (most flu vaccines use eggs, which means that people with egg allergies can not get a flu shot).

    Thanks for your clear and accurate coverage of the C-Poc, just thought I could add a little clarification to help people feel a little less concerned about this “new” (for human recipients) type of vaccine. Getting a vaccine that completed stage three testing and was certified (unlike the Russian vaccine, tested on 76 people before approval) is going to be safer than not getting a vaccine.

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