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2237: Jah Got Me

Rod and Karen are joined by DJ Benhameen of the For All Nerds Podcast to discuss how being in the writer’s room changes perspectives on critiquing things, critiquing while Black, the pandemic changing things, Disney’s Capitalism, what music we’re listening to, MC Lyte on the freedom of women rappers today, Snoop Dogg on women rappers today and Lil Wayne pleads guilty.

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  1. EvieE

    I find that I don’t critique black content as harshly as I do white content only because we’re not at a point where black content creators are allowed the same fuck ups as their white counterparts. Although if you go down the Netflix rabbit hole far enough you will find some doo doo black films. Still I don’t give them thumbs down I just won’t rate them at all. But let a white film suck and I will give that thing a thumbs down before the movie is over.

  2. Sofa_King

    Shout out to DJ Benhameen spitting that truth about Shang Chi: that nigga ain’t never lied! The only kind of movie I like more than superhero movies is kung fu flicks, and Shang Chi finna be a whole ass superhero kung fu flick. Can’t wait!

  3. Anne

    Loved this episode. But as an old person who doesn’t know anyone when the kids start talking about the new music, I was lost at the end when you list all the songs on your Spotify playlist. I got a few names on my list now so I can expand my horizons. I agree that we do have to put an effort into learning new things as we mature. Familiarity can fool you into believing that you’re still on top of your game. And the streaming services can box you into a set type of music if you use those personalized playlists that they offer. Right now, I would swear it was still the late 1990s from the music they keep playing. But I’m about to fix that. Thanks!
    Also, glad to hear a fellow Houstonian on the podcast. It’s a nice city with talented people around every corner. Hope TBGWT gets to visit one day.

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