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BDS 379: A Bit Of A Dick

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, James Harden party scandal, Jerry West talking shit about the Lakeshow? Notre Dame wants fans at bowl game, Lonzo Ball won’t sign contract extension, Gordon Hayward paying off Layaway, Josh Gordon not cleared, Dan Snyder being extorted, Dwayne Haskins being stupid at the strip club, Larsa Pippen and Malik Beasley, Keyontae Johnson heart problems, T.J. McConnell dick shamed, Rajon Rondo girlfriend got the hands, JuJu Smith-Schuster TikTok dancing and Tristan may have proposed.

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  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Queen Karen and Jussell Okung,

    I hope all is well with y’all as we throw this raggedy ass year out the door like Uncle Phil did Jazz.

    The Browns lost to the Jets because half of the offense was stricken with Rona. I sincerely care more about the players being alright than I do about whether or not the Browns make the playoffs. This has been an incredibly fun season to watch and slight reprieve from the tire fire of 2020. Have y’all ever just been content with a sports team y’all like? Like not resigned to how their season ended but just, like, cool with whatever about it?

    Russell Okung is getting half his salary ($6 million) sent to a third party that will convert it into Bitcoin. I wanna wish him well, but I can’t shake the feeling Okung setting himself up to get *scammed* scammed. I don’t trust anything championed by libertarians and LLC Twitter.

    I’d normally feel some type of way about the Cavs losing by 20 to the Pacers and say, “well shit, it ain’t like they lost 50”. Only thing worse than hypothetically losing by 50 is *actually* losing by 51! Holy shit! The Mavs were up 77 to 27 at the half! How the fuck were they down by 50 and end the game even worse?! What do y’all the Clippers leading scorer with 15 points, Paul George, said to everyone at half time? What does a down by 50 at the half speech sound like from Layoff P?

    Has Stephen A Smith seen “Soul” yet? Just wondering lmao.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful evening celebrating the world heave-hoing 2020 outta a fucking window. This year fucking stinked. But a great bright spot and beacon of sanity was y’all podcast. Hell, listening to y’all got me reevaluating how I use social media. And congrats again on the Spotify deal! Oh and the anime chibi drawing of y’all looks super dope! Thank you as always for the great show and I can’t wait to see what y’all doing in 2021.

    Niggas only, only niggas,


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