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SMR 313: Red, White And Blue

Rod and Justin review the 3rd movie in Steve McQueen “Small Axe” collection, “Red, White and Blue.” We also respond to your comments

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  1. Kemdoc

    Hey Rodney and Jamison,

    I watched this one with a keen interest to see what all the hype was about concerning John Boyega. Sometimes it feels over blown. I remember being unimpressed with him in the first Star Wars movie he was in. He seemed out of shape and out of breath and sweaty. What a difference a couple years makes. I’m disappointed y’all didn’t point out the meaty thighs and calves lol. He was looking like a thiccc leading man out here. The thangs just so happened to be thanging okay?!

    I really enjoyed this film. The perfect amount of intentional trash ass anti BLM racism from the police force. I was confused about the running to the line drill. Leroy seemed to be super casual about running the drill. Maybe he was pacing himself. Great commanding voice and great facial hair. Shame to see the beard go.

    I also loved how when he bucked up on their bytch asses even the Indian bredren was in line to get slapped. I did wanna see one of them get active in the locker room. What pussies. Smh. I really liked that this nigga joined the force with great sacrifice to everyone…offended his dad who had a case pending, essentially renounced a whole PhD that his father killed himself to make way for, and the stress of his wife with their new child. It was so selfish of him to want to pursue this far fetched dream of changing the police/community dynamic and then wanting to just give up. I understood it of course, but I’m also not giving up my chemistry degree and joining up with racists as a change agent. They definitely broke him.

    The movie ends and yet I don’t see how you continue to live life going to that job. The community you were trying to aid didn’t even respect what you thought you were doing. The polarization of it all was amazing. Remembering the hate we had for Officer Pulley from the first movie made it uniquely jarring to see John in that uniform and stupid ass hat. I enjoyed this and enjoyed your review. You’ll never be onboard with the accents. Lol. You want authentic-ish Jamaican accents, check out ‘Yardie’. It’s directed and produced by Idris. Had a little bit of everything in it. I thought it was a good watch.

    One love to the massive yout dem!

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