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2243: Python, Egg and Cheese

Rod and Karen talk about hitting kids, Coronavirus News, trickle down economics doesn’t work, Bernie Sanders dog whistling, Cori Bush getting push back from progressives, AOC getting push back from progressives, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. trey_swindu744

    Thank y’all for what you guys said about hitting kids! Karen you definitely gave us some very sincere words on that , sadly for a lot of parents that’s the only way they knew how to discipline they kids!

    Thanks for another great episode!

  2. rodimusprime

    I attended the same Boston-area private schools as Hilary Hayward-Thomas and was friends with her older brother for a number of years. Each summer they would travel to Spain but I don’t recall if they had a family connection. I haven’t spoken to her brother since the early 2000’s when the whole family packed up and moved to Mallorca and didn’t follow her “career” beyond knowing that she was a yoga instructor married to old, Trump-impersonating Alec Baldwin, gross. I had no idea that she had become a pseudo-celebrity until this week.

    Here are a few things that I remember about them that I have not seen on my timeline.

    About ten years ago a school administrator told me that Hilary was calling around to her alma maters to instruct the schools not to comment to reporters or media about her education history. When told this story the punch line was she started calling herself “Hilaria” and there was no indication this was part of a grander con.
    Both Hillary and her brother had dirty-blonde to light brown-hair throughout high school so I was surprised by how she looks today.
    One of the reasons the friendship with her brother ended was because of the persona he assumed when he got to high school. My fellow BIPOC students referred to him as “White-homey Number One” (not to be confused with White Homey Number Two,” a very pale, ginger from Belmont). I guess it runs in the family.
    In my presence, no one in the family presented as anything but white. They did not speak Spanish at home and neither parent spoke with an accent.
    The family was old-money rich. I still remember their massive five-bedroom, five-bath townhouse on Beacon Hill (the most expensive neighborhood in Boston). Zillow estimated price is $5.6M.

    Have a Happy New Year,

    -A New England Private School Administrator

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