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SMR 316: Soul

Rod and Karen review the latest Disney Pixar animated film, “Soul.” We also respond to your feedback.


  1. logan2x1

    Hey Rod! Hey Karen!!
    Thanks for reviewing this movie, I enjoyed it and watching it twice probably helped a lot. First with my daughter, then with my husband and each watch I saw new meaning in it. I agree with Karen that the colors and visuals in this movie are great! This is the first movie where they made Earth look more awesome than the off world location. Thinking about that later, maybe that was the point. Life can be so beautiful if you see each day with fresh eyes. I mean THE LAYERS!
    My daughter (9yro) really loved it and understood the messages in the movie. I think this is 100% a Family film. It’s not just for kids or adults, it’s definitely a conversation starter. No shade, but so far the only people I see who say “it’s not for kids”, don’t have kids. Lol .
    I really appreciate and think it’s clever how they bypassed any religious dogma by not showing the afterlife or exactly when a new soul enters a body. I also agree that they should have given us that Lisa call. I was waiting for that as the after credit scene but instead we get Terry.
    My biggest criticism is that they spent too much time in The Great Before and it’s a big lull for me. Black Earth was lit! That barbershop scene was everything! And yes I too am feeling that fine ass barber! Men need to stop being bothered that women crush on animated characters. And it’s not just because we’re stuck in the house! Lol.

    Love y’all and thanks again

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    Sadly, the Twitter fingers of the world have taken over the discussion surrounding Soul. I am not saying the film is perfect, what film is. I am however saying that the attack against the film has become, in my opinion, the latest example of a thing they can attack just for the sake of attacking. [I mean, if you watched any of the trailers, it was clear the Black character either died, or was hovering near death (hence the title) and would be on a journey; but let’s not let the obvious things that were shown to you going in get in the way of your fake woke agenda.]

    I for one loved the jazz, the colors, the presentation of the black characters and the relationships, and the overall message of finding the everyday joys in life. It’s unfortunate the social media crew can’t find enjoyment in anything. Sadly, these will be the same people complaining when Pixar/Disney, etc. decide finding a place for Black people/Characters in their projects simply isn’t worth the hassle. We can’t scream for inclusion and then call everything racist. Even if you feel that way, you can point out the problems in a way that doesn’t just slam the filmmakers (state what you liked and then explain what you took issue with absent the vitriol).


    Thoroughly enjoyed Soul & thought it just about hit on all the things for a Pixar release. I saw this with family & we all really dug it. As for people who are having issues with the blackness in the film, it’s textbook projection, imo, like a lot of things on social media, related to films has a level of projection that’s unhealthy & even as someone who critiques film, I simply refuse to use an insecurity or a trigger as acceptable criticism. If it’s not related to the film at hand & it’s some thing that is one’s “head canon”, I’ll just consider that as the individual’s problem. Full stop.

    The blackness here is pure, the character are memorable, so are the lessons here. It’s kinda of a better Inside Out, imo. I’ll definitely watch it again.

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