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2246: Psychedelics Fix Racism

Rod and Karen discuss greed, Coronavirus News, election news, girlfriend warned police about suicide bomber, Arby’s buying up more restaurants, patients will get access to doctor’s notes, Tyrese divorce, Pixar’s Soul hired consultants for input on race, NYPD charging woman who falsely accused Black teen of stealing her phone, psychedelics could ease racial trauma, Atlanta man guilty of wire fraud over PPP, 3 men shoot up strip club and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Don’t you ever get tired of the Arby’s slander? Whenever I go to Arby’s there’s always a line. They are a successful chain because they have the meats. The fact that they’re able to buy all these other chains is a testament to their greatness. You hater.

  2. MelRou

    Re: Psychedelics as a treatment for racism related trauma, this is actually something I teach about in my behavioral neuroscience class! There was an important point missing from the news article about the study, these treatments are recommended specifically for folks who have developed PTSD in response to trauma from a *specific* racist encounter (be it direct or indirect) and not just racism generally. In particular, this treatment is effective for PTSD where traditional drug therapy is ineffective (although generally, psychedelics are a muuuuuch more effective approach relative to traditional drug therapy, which take 8wks minimum to show ANY effects if at all and can take years to get the correct dosage/drug combo as opposed to once monthly treatments/sessions). This approach has been criticized by some as scientific appropriation of indigenous practices because it is not simply that you drop acid and hang out while you trip balls, you’re actually guided through a several hours long therapy session with a trained clinician while the drugs are active. Essentially, the therapist serves in the shaman role and walks you through the trauma to contextualize it and give you the cognitive tools to navigate life without having the trauma memory rise in response to every race related social cue (which in this country is important because most things come back to race in some shape or form). Recent evidence suggests that by revisiting the trauma with a therapist while in this state, your brain resets its error prediction for cues that trigger the trauma response. The brain is really good at prediction, and because of this, for patients with severe PTSD, if something reminds you of your trauma, your brain predicts that that same violence is about to happen again with near 100% certainty and your body literally shifts into panic mode. With this hypothesized reset in error prediction, rather than you persistently having trauma related panic and anxiety, your brain down regulates that predictive certainty of trauma and violence from 100% to more or less equivalent with other more likely outcomes, not all of which are harmful outcomes and some of which are potential beneficial outcomes. Then, using other cognitive tools learned from therapy, you’re better able to just live life without your trauma controlling your every response. Sorry for the long response, but blackademics are never short-winded…. it’s a feature and a bug??

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