If you’re reading this then you did it. You made it through 2020! Congrats. The difficultly level on this year was All-Madden. Anyways as we do around here every so often we are updating the RSS Feed password. If you’re premium you can find the new RSS Feed password by logging into your account and going to the Premium Page and scrolling to the bottom. The new password will be in blue font at the bottom. Anyways maybe you’re not a premium listener but you still wants you some bonus Rod and Karen content. Well we got you covered. Here are some places you can catch us on other people’s podcasts.

Rod and Karen were guests on American Timelines

Rod and Karen reviewed Waiting To Exhale on Medium Popcorn

Rod was on the latest Three Guys On

Rod was on Rooting For Laundry talking about the Charlotte Hornets

Rod recapped Wonder Woman 1984 on For All Nerds

Rod was on What’s The Tea with Nic and Reg

If you haven’t gotten your fill of Rod and Karen from all these guest spots and premium shows I don’t know what to tell you! Thanks for your support in 2020. You have helped make this a very special year for us.