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PG 269: Sic ‘Em Covid

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss work, taking days off, The Mandalorian, Industry, pro-Black people eating up white escapist fantasies starring Black people, racists playing the victim, politics, The Ripper, the most prolific serial killer in America dies of Covid, Will.I.Am, Charlotte places violating quarantine and listener feedback.


  1. Kemdoc

    Get a load of sis when they asked her a stupid ass question:


  2. Mdiarra

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Justin

    I wanna first take a moment to thank yall for being a sane voice of reason the last few years. I appreciate yall.

    Anyways we did it yall. I hope that people realize that theres a lot of work to be done with a 50-50 Senate. Right now the most powerful caucus in there are gonna be moderates like manchin and Romney, and I know that the twitter woke won’t be able to understand why super progressive things will still be difficult to get shit through.

    As for this wild ass shit in the Capitol that happened yesterday. I don’t know if I just been reading too much Coates but I don’t see how anyones gonna get ANY repercussions for this. The unmitigated GAL of people like Lindsey Graham and Mitch Mcconnel trying to act like its not them and their base doing this shit. I will need the media to do some actual decisive wording when talking about this. It looks to me like the tides are turning with them taking down and banning trump from social media. Sorry if this is incoherent.

    I did hear a funny story though about people slashing the tires of Trump cars heading down to DC. this the level of petty I need in my life

    Anyways. This is a mess yall lol.

  3. kauzimiwani

    I am just here for the dragging of Elizabeth from Knoxville . Carry on

  4. fyahworks

    Happy new year
    Rod, Karen, and Justin

    We off to a rocky start for 2021, but I hope all is well thus far.

    I want to start off by saying I really appreciate you guys, and this podcast and I wanna give you guys some flowers!

    Karen I just took some pto time to end the year and man did it feel good. You preach about it all the time, and it’s not until you actually do it, you really understand where you are coming from! Thank you!

    Justin, my problematic fav! When I first started listening and when premium many moons ago I didn’t understand why they always bully Justin, by changing his name every episode? He seems like a good guy, but as I continued to consume the podcast I got it and I joined in! You are truly a good sport! I love your style of podcasting! You are a great co host! You are funny and I love hearing your stories about work and experiences in life! Thank god for technology so that during this covid time we still can hear from you!

    Last but not least, the maestro, rodimus prime! I enjoy listening to you whether the regular show, reviews, or premium shit! I’m always here to support all of you guys! Rod, thanks for always replying to my emails in a prompt manner! I also look forward to your point of view on politics sports or pop culture! You keep me in good spirits during my long work days! Thank you for years of dedication to this podcast and I wish you all continued success this year and years to come!

    Before I go, have you guys seen black bottom? I saw that and soul over the holiday and thought they both were really good!

    To all my fellow premium listeners, happy new year as well and look forward to hearing you guys comments as well

    Fyahworks out!

  5. The.Shay.Dee.Dame

    You guys were discussing the craziness out in your area. People not following The Rona Rules caused me to delete fb.
    A good work friend of mine has Rona. She started a go fund me because she’s having issues bouncing back. Has exhaustion and brain fog, so isn’t able to go back to work yet. She’s in the “long haulers” club, and is feeling the financial pinch.
    As a fellow “long hauler”, I get it. I want to feel bad for her, but we’re 9 months in on this Rona bs and I’m just remembering all of the fb posts that she made of her out on date night, having a bbq, a Halloween party. This bitch was EVERYWHERE, then caught Rona a few months ago and is now clutching her pearls like her ass caught that shit back in March. She is shooketh. And why?!? It’s not like Rona is new.
    I deleted fb because I’m sick of her, and my other idiot friends posting pics of themselves INSIDE of restaurants with people, holding a margarita. Sick of seeing people out, masks under their noses.
    These days, I’m starting to see that THESE are the motherfuckers that kept me from being able to celebrate my wedding anniversary in Hawaii that we planned for August 2020. They are the people that are keeping me from seeing my god-daughter, who was born in May. They’re the ones that are keeping this Rona going, and because of them, I didn’t get to go to my sisters wedding last month.
    So, my best course of action was to delete fb so I don’t curse out all of these selfish asshats. We are ALL missing out on the big things in life because they want to have tiny little celebrations.
    And, no. Lol, I’m NOT donating to that bitch’s go fund me.

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