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BDS 380: Payoff P

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Okung opts for Bitcoin, adult site offers services to NBA players, Taylor Swift banner taken down from Staples, Duke women end basketball season, BlackSportsOnline accuses Larsa Pippen of grooming Bronny, Booger McFarland racial comments, Kobe was looking to start his own shoe company, Daryl Morey fined for Twitter, Kirk Herbstreit got the Rona, Lindsey Vonn and PK Subban break up, Angelina Graova OnlyFans, Lamar Odom relationship drama, Dwayne Haskins cut from team, Becky Hammon coaches NBA game, Jason Whitlock talking shit, Christian Woods gets paid after being dumped on draft night, Josh Hart engagement, Earl Thomas cuts hand hitting glass, Grayson Allen tried to trip Trae Young, Chiefs delete offensive tweet, Ayesha Curry showing dat ass, OJ Simpson MAGA hat, NBA has no new Covid cases, NBA has most watched opening week since 2012, MLB players won’t skip line for vaccine and Michael B Jordan directing Creed 3.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and Jame Lillard,

    I hope y’all are doing good. Or at the very least, none of y’all said something so slick that a nigga decided to forgo getting a shape up to drop 62 points on you. Pacific Northwest Reggie Miller really thought he was onto something saying that Steph wouldn’t keep getting them easy looks like from five years, didn’t he?

    Shouts out to all of Giants Twitter being mad at the Eagles for putting Nate Sudefeld into the game and basically running out the clock for the second half. Yes, the Giants would’ve made the playoffs over The Team, but did the Giants consider the alternative route to making the post season called “win your fucking games?” And yes, I was partying off the Browns sweeping the NFC Least this year. Some might say I’m a hypocrite. I’d say I’m just a Football Misery Abolitionist…for my team alone.

    Oh and shouts out to the Browns for the half the roster getting Rona before the playoff game. I do hope everyone is able to make a full recovery, but it makes me think of everyone who said this NFL season was a success. Can we really count the NFL treating a pandemic like concussions a “success”?

    Congrats on 11 years of straight FLAME material, y’all! Have a wonderful, safe weekend and thank you as always for the dope shows.

    Niggas only, only niggas,



    Hey Rod, Karen & Jan Le Batard. Have y’all heard Dan since he’s been away from ESPN? My man’s cussing, shitting on Trump & Clay Travis & just not being beholden to what the standards that were of his old job. Also, did y’all know that he’s a registered Republican? He’s said as such while interviewing Former Miami Marlins boss, David Samson (former Trump supporter, btw) on the podcast. Now, I want to make it clear, I’m not canceling or disavowing Dan for admitting this news. Hell, I still love Dan, but man, it kinda makes sense, the more I thought about it, considering that Cubans in Florida do ride for Trump, since Cubans can be white passing, like Dan.

    The politics of Cuban history is admittedly beyond my paygrade, it’s just that more & more that, even those folks too got racial problems, as well as the disdain for the Castros & communism & socialism.

    Also, I want Tom Brady to lose to the Washington Team so bad on Saturday. Small chance it happens, but a guy can dream, right? Y’all take care.

  3. fyahworks

    What’s up Rod , Karen and jarkelle fultz…..

    1. You know you hate to see it! But if you are a capitalist you love to see it! Fultz who has a rollercoaster career in the nba and possibly ins a home in Orlando just tore that acl and his season is done! Best wishes to him….
    2. Either it’s way to early in the season (wish I think it is) or karma is a bitch! Because the Knicks as of January 7th is 5-3 with a 3 yes 3 game winning streak! All I can say is….. let’s talk in round game 25/30! I saw a meme that showed the Knicks 1972 championship banner and next to it was a 4-3 start banner! Definitely some Knicks shit there!
    3. Speaking of the Knicks, Jeremy, of linsanity fame, who once played for the Knicks then got that chip in Toronto, then when to China is now back in the states and has resigned with the warriors! His first team! They quickly sent the “champ” to the g league! All I can say is I guess!

    Lastly happy 11 years it’s been a nice ride and I’ve loved every min of it! Best wishes and continued success you guys!!!

    Until next time

  4. Kemdoc

    Draymond Green is an important voice for this time. I said this when they were in the bubble and he was injured and GSW weren’t contenders. Sure we need the kumbaya players and coaches, but more than that we need the Doc Rivers, Steve Kerrs, and Greg Popovichs of the arena to deliver their raw thoughts.
    Below is Draymonds unedited comments.

  5. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jaymerica

    Whew buddy I haven’t seen niggas this mad over a losing team since folks yelling at the Eagles for tanking! How do you feel if you’re Sudfeld and the whole sports world is flipping tables because you clocked into work? Turned my man into a human white flag, you hate to see it.

    But wanna give a big shout out to your NBA MVP, Big Juju! Julius Randle playing out of his mind this year 23 points, 12 boards, and 7 assists a game? Giannis who? Thibs got them boys balling! Justin trying to get me to switch to the Nets, why would I want to jump to a .500 team when we’ve got the 2nd longest win streak in the East? You damn right I’mma talk shit now, this might be only chance all season, I see what happened to Dough and his Covid Browns, gotta take the opportunity when I can get it.

    And Rod looking real good with his Gordon Haywood agenda after last night! Appreciate y’all as always and happy New Year niggas!

    P.S. Happy TBGWT Day!! Making shit this dope never gets old

  6. Mwangangi

    That’s Angelina Graovac, yes?

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