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TNO 163: The Gang Says Black Lives Matter

Rod, Karen and Kriss discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Netflix audio only option, Black Batman, Crunchyroll bought by Funimation, Harrison Ford playing Indiana Jones again, Facebook Black creator program, Cyberpunk refunds, Snydercut news, Flash movie, DC Universe app shut down on Roku, Ray Fisher, Starlord bisexual, Depp blocked from Pirates movie, Saturday morning cartoons, Ali Larter responds to racism accusations, Cyberpunk investors lost a billion already, Xbox Game Pass family plan, Giancarlo Espisito Dr. Doom, Phil Spencer plays game while in meetings, Bad Boys For Life top movie, Wonder Woman rating, Rick Grimes movie, theaters not returning to normal and Wandavision promo pics.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hello everybody. Long time listener but I don’t write in that much. Just have a quick question for y’all. What are some of your OMG or WTF moments in nerd culture. I’m talking bout where u want to stand up and cheer or scream OMG in the theater or your living room. A few of mine are the first time we see Wakanda in Black Panther(this never gets old), Caps first appearance in Infinity War (really that whole movie is OMG moment), Cap lifting Mjolnir and most recently when that X wing comes in at the finale of Mandalorian. Just curious as to what scenes made y’all feel all giddy inside. Thanks for this show and all your others. You really give me an escape from the shit show that we call real life.
    Appreciate y’all

    PS Can we get The Last Starfighter remake already damn!!!

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Nerd Off Crew?

    I hope all is good with y’all.

    Marvel doesn’t get enough credit for making so many movies and shows that are wild accessible to folks regardless of their knowledge on the source material. Together, we can come as one and share in the slow realization that WandaVision is both great and terrifying. I ain’t spoiling nothing, but watching the first 2 episodes twice? It’s makes way more sense to me why Wanda was on the verge of tear Thanos in half by her damn self. Also, Teyonah Parris is finer than piano wire. And I’m assuming Debra Jo Rupp (Kitty from That 70s Show) must’ve spent the last 15 years minding her business cuz it doesn’t look she’s aged much. Goddamn Teyonah Parris fine though.

    I’m in a Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (Star Wars DnD) campaign and decided to finally watch Madalorian. At the end of the second season, I was heated when I realized that was the ending cuz I wanted more episodes! I didn’t realize they only made 16 episodes! Damnit I wanted more cuz I’m greedy and cuz there’s something really dope about seeing more the Star Wars universe. For the first time in forever, Boba Fett actually looked sweet on film. Mando out here trying to raise a Baby Yoda; Ming Na-Wen aka Murder Bae stays at the ready for Disney; Gina Carono is a space sheriff when she’s not being transphobic; Taika Watiti voiced the greatest baby sitter ever. Goddamn, The Mouse don’t miss!

    Have y’all ever got into an anime cuz you recognized the voice actors? I started watching One Piece and in part got hooked cuz I realized one scene had the Hawkeye and Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist in the main cast.

    If Cyberpunk 2077 was unprecedented when it got pulled from the Sony and Microsoft stores with refunds, what do y’all make of the tire fire labor practices there of crunch and the business folks rationalizing everything with “we made Witcher 3, we’ll be fine”? Beyond the unique clusterfuck of CDPR, why is it that the gaming industry doesn’t seem to have a work methodology like Agile or XP or Waterfall or something tailored around gaming other than “everyone work 60 hour weeks like it’s the Industrial Revolution”? CDPR got caught out here with a fucking *fake* E3 demo of a game announced in 2014 that they ain’t start working on til 2016! What in the fucking fuck?!

    I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe weekend y’all. Thank y’all as always!


  3. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen, Aaron and Kriss,

    I just wanted to talk about cyberpunk. I was one of the fools that got this game. Now I will say I got it on Xbox series X. So I haven’t had the issues that plagued others. I knew the game was going to have issues but I didn’t think it would be this. My game has had bugs and it crashes at least few times when I play. The thing that is wack to me is that it really could have had potential. But it fell hella short. Even recently in water is wet news CD Project Red came out and said that they knew the game wasn’t ready. All it made me think of was niggas literally shamed Bioware to cancel everything for Andromeda which is literally a better game in every way. Also they mentioned it was supposed to be a 3rd person game which makes sense if you play it. Now one positive is that Keanu Reeves definitely didn’t phone in this performance as one of the characters and I think he is a better part of this game. Sorry if this is long and love the show as always.


  4. dolemout

    I know y’all talked about how good clone wars is, probably at least like six times in recent memory.
    But, like the Bulletball episodes, y’all need to remind people like me every once in a while.

    Because damn if I’m not full-volume screaming joy and horror at my tv multiple times an episode, and I’m only on season 5 so far.

    I coulda (and shoulda) been on this a long time ago, but I didn’t comprehend just how right Rod was.

    Let em know.

  5. trojanscooter

    I can’t wait for Rod to watch season two of Doom Patrol. It really goes full Grant Morrison and brings the weird quirky stuff to the screen.

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