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2253: Views From The Insurrection

Rod and Karen discuss all that shit that happened at the Capitol building.

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  1. EvieE

    Thank you guys so much for injecting humor into this because you always manage to bring levity to terrible news and I appreciate you both so much. I laughed so much this episode I had tears running down my face. I hate that it happened but you guys made it digestible.

  2. Mdiarra

    Yall are preaching to me right now. The level of ridiculousness thats been happening on my timeline about the coup and subsequent impeachment has been frustrating to say the least. I saw someone say that they should’ve brought up articles of impeachment and voted for it same day on Jan 7th because if they did that somehow Mcconnel would’ve then brought it up instead of doing what hes doing. I feel like folks don’t understand that it takes time/effort and you gotta make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you are supposed to use the single greatest check we have on a sitting president besides from voting them out.

    If Pelosi and co didn’t take the time to go through all the proper channels and give folks the chance to leverage the 25th amendment, Republicans and the media would’ve used that to say that theyre being reckless and not following the rules. Like Impeachment is a process that normally take months to flesh out and we managed to do it in a week. THATS INSANE.

    Its been funny to watch Republicans fall back and claim peace and unity. Its honestly how they use the high road and olive branch Democrats continuously give them to try to screw us. I hope Biden and Democrats peep game and move with the same level of fuck your feelings as Mcconnel has been while publicly saying they wanna work with them. Gotta be the only way.

  3. Dia

    On the man who was arrested because his ex-wife called the FBI…I am laughing that man’s ex wife saw the insurrection on TV and basically in her mind thought, “that looks like his type of party.”

    But I agree with comments that this all could have been so much worse, under more capable hands. And even with the failed response, I always remember that Trump not only has loyalists, he is down to very inexperienced people. I remember when the Navy officer was fired for alerting about Covid on his ship there was talk of who is even left to take that role. We have been down to the assistant, assistant, deputy manager’s assistant at some of these agencies.

    When I watched this happen live, I thought it was so chaotic. Chaos is a ladder-shout out to Game of Thrones, but I wondered if this chaos was planned, to make way for those who had other motives. I have seen that in movies and TV shows like Homeland where a smarter, more planned group capitalized on whacktivists creating chaos.

    I think as days and weeks go by we will learn even more shocking news from this. And I will be front and center with my popcorn for the most salacious parts.

  4. tess

    Rod. I had to come on here to tell you that you almost caused me to crash my car from a laughing fit with that Black Planet joke. Thank you for that laugh — I really needed it.

    I understand your frustration with people lashing out at the traitors/co-conspirators in office on Twitter. However, I believe it’s psychological. Twitter/social media is the only venue where a lot of us feel like we have power. I don’t think people actually believe their tweets make a difference, but there’s some sort of needed satisfaction to be able to tell Clarence Thomas and Ted Cruz avatars “fck you!” People are mad and scared and many more have become disillusioned than before. With the way we’ve been lied to and made to be sitting ducks, I can’t imagine what actual action looks like in forcing elected officials to abide by our constitution and law (protest doesn’t work).

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