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2254: Insurrectile Dysfunction

Rod and Karen discuss more insurrection fall out, Coronavirus News, Gayle interviews Miya Ponsetto and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Miya Ponsetto reminds me of Dump. Doesn’t take responsibility for her actions and blames everyone else. I hope she actually serves prison time. Mark my words she’ll be crying in the court when she faces a judge. Fuck this bitch. Gayle showed so much more restraint than I’m capable of.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Based on the pronunciation, Coochie Coup sounds too much like how people talk to babies, so I selected Insurrectile Dysfunction.

    I love your coverage of this white fraggernackle bull. Gaslit Nation, which is co-hosted by Sarah Kendzidor, who I follow on Twitter has an excellent podcast episode on this mess. Like you, they have been calling this shit from before Trump was made the Republican nominee in 2016.

    We are in an extremely dangerous time in this country and I hope people do not return to their ostrich state of heads being buried in the sand once Rump is no longer in office. His followers are crazy and I don’t doubt that their are ill and deadly intentions afoot.

    • EvieE

      I chose coochie coup for that exact reason because it does sound like something people would say to babies and these people are all big ass titty babies.

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