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TNO 164: One Piece! AAAAAAAUUUGH!!!

Rod. Karen, Justin and D Palm discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Hamada extended as president of DC Films, Ray Fisher written out of The Flash, Gootecks controversy, Dead or Alive lawsuit, Indiana Jones game, Star Wars game being worked on by Ubisoft, GameStop stock market craze, Postal worker caught stealing game systems, Mortal Kombat game, Cyberpunk development didn’t start until 2016, Michael B Jordan returning for BP2, Batman The Animated Series sequel, Mortal Kombat player disqualified, Ben Affleck praises Feige, HBO Max animation hub, 007 pushed back again, Tekken has a Guinness World Record, Dems cracking down on social media, new FCC chair, Instacart firing employees for unionizing, Netflix shuffle, Nolan leaving Warner Bros, Xbox Live Gold price jumping up, Morbios delayed, PS5 scalpers, Hitman 3 breaks records and Uncharted pushed back.


  1. logan2x1

    Hey Y’all ,
    Greg here and not my lovable wife, Iman. I just wanted to discuss what is “comic booky” anymore? I don’t know people can say Wonder Woman was like a comic book and use that an excuse for how it turned out. I enjoyed Captain America: The Winter Soldier because it was just like out of a comic book, but there is this narrative that it’s the most “non comic book” comic book movie. Comic book movie is not a genre. With comic books you can do horror, superhero, espionage action, romance, sci-fi and all kinds of other stuff. I was just curious about the group’s opinion on this subject.

    I also gotta say Marvel Studios has the damn cheat code. The game is broken. I don’t know why anybody keeps trying to say “well that’s it. They can’t do anymore” and call themselves fans. I don’t get it.

    That new Superman show looks very much like a family drama and I can’t wait to watch it and complain to myself about how Clark should just put on a disguise and bet money on himself in street fights while taking it really easy on people.

  2. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here. Hope all is well, I missed an episode but currently have multiple jobs I’m juggling so that can’t be helped lol. Might not be sleeping much in the near future but that’s the price I have to pay to work with some of my heroes on a new anime.

    I had to make sure I commented this time though cuz we finally got her. Disney done yeeted Gina Carano’s dumb ass from the mandalorian. Talk about talking yourself out of a job. As soon as I started getting hired by anime studios I yeeted my old twitter account where I talked mad spicy about them from the internet. I barely even tweet, I just say nothing, do my work, get paid and prosper. It’s literally that easy. If I got hired by Disney you’d never hear from me again. The fact she said nah to just sitting there and getting paid DISNEY MONEY and is now resorting to working with Ben Shapiro BRUV!! you hate to see it. I’ve been laughing at that headline all day. I won’t mind if Disney just yeet the character altogether but if they just hire Lucy Lawless and pretend she’s always been there I’d also be down haha.

    Onto other stuff, i haven’t been able to watch much but I’ve kept up with wandavision. I loved the first 3 episodes a whole lot because I love those old timey sitcoms. Now that that’s a bit less what the show focuses on I’m just waiting for Monica to do the thing we all know she’ll eventually do. Everytime she does something I’m just watching in awe. Can’t believe we’re at the point where everyone in the world knows who Monica Rameau is. I can’t wait for the inevitable Ultimates movie.

    Next just gonna give The Expanse a shout-out for a stellar season. The lady that plays Naomi was acting her damn ass off this season. Reading that stuff in the book was one thing but goddamn did they knock this season out of the park. They even managed to resolve the situation with our boi on there. Another person that badly fumbled an easy bag. Also shout-out to whoever decided we needed to see Amos undress inexplicably in that one episode lmao, my man was lookin like a whole snack. ♥️

    I’ve also finally started making a dent in my one piece backlog again. I’m on episode 911 now, just another 50+ episodes and I’ll be caught up again lol.

    Lastly I made it through over 25+ books while working over the past month. Some audiobooks and others using the pretty good text to speech feature on google play books. A lot of Japanese light novels and I also started the star wars high republic books. The light novels include such masterworks as “I died and got reincarnated as a sentient vending machine”, “There Was No Secret Evil-Fighting Organization (srsly?!), So I Made One MYSELF!” and Faraway Paladin which is similar except the main character was reincarnated as a baby and has to slowly grow up. In that one he’s being raised by a skeleton, a ghost and a zombie lady. Last one I enjoyed a whole lot was one where a girl is sent to a world similar to her favourite video game and decides to sweep the female villain off her feet because the men are all trash and she always thought she deserved better. that ones titled “A Lily blooms in another world”. Been enjoying these a whole lot though finding ones where the male lead isn’t a despicable human being or a self insert blank slate was hard without the assistance of a friend who knows the good stuff.
    Before I go, something I heard on these animator streets recently for aaron, boruto got another huge episode coming up in a couple of weeks so be excited. Ok, love y’all, Felix out.

  3. Amani

    My how the tables have turned! I remember all them takes about folks not caring about Wanda and her toaster and that story didn’t matter. Now look at y’all, INVESTED like a motha fucka! When they said it was gonna be a movie every week they meant that shit. Same people lying on Kevin Feige talking about they don’t care about that Black Widow movie. I know the internet is mad at Scarlett, but they can drop that MCU music before somebody’s home videos and ONLY a pandemic can keep me away. Marvel’s ass will probably schedule your vaccination if you buy pre-sale tickets. The receipts speak for themselves!

    And I know this is the podcast where we can take a minute to just sit here and appreciate Teyonah Parris! She acting her ass off, but just to get to see a woman that fine, skin glistening every week with that hair on a platform like this? Don’t tell me what Marvel can’t do! And we got a Black woman writing the Blade moving, Black woman directing Captain Marvel 2 WITH Teyonah, and Ryan Coogler doing a Wakanda series on Disney+? Black HISTORYYYYYYYYYYYY!!

    P.S. I know y’all are gonna get to it, but imagine getting the breaks beat off you by Cris Cyborg, deciding you’d rather make money in Hollywood, finally getting a STAR WARS bag despite your limitations, and fumbling it this hard!! 

  4. rodimusprime

    I know y’all talked about how good clone wars is, probably at least like six times in recent memory.
    But, like the Bulletball episodes, y’all need to remind people like me every once in a while.

    Because damn if I’m not full-volume screaming joy and horror at my tv multiple times an episode, and I’m only on season 5 so far.

    I coulda (and shoulda) been on this a long time ago, but I didn’t comprehend just how right Rod was.

    Let em know.

  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen and the Rotating Crew of Nerds,

    I’m a long time listener and wanted to chime in on a couple of things from this week’s episode. First let me say I truly enjoy the podcast. By virtue of my work I am required to “be on” and speak constantly, do get me wrong I love my job but it can be draining, so it’s nice to just be able to sit and listen to others talk. Podcasts are my refuge.

    Second, I wouldn’t consider myself a CyperPunk apologist, but I must say despite the glitches and shit graphics, my XBox One S and I have but 180 hours into this game and I must say, I enjoyed it. The main story was waaaaaay too short, but there are a lot of side quests and I like collecting legendary guns and cars. Plus the cyberpunkgame reddit is all jokes and a good time.

    Finally, I just wanted to contribute to last week’s nerd moments discussion. For me when we finally got to see the full power of Drogan and the Dothraki unleashed on Westeros in the loot train battle, I stood up and hit a lil two step.

    Warm Regards,


    • kalynlouis

      Hey Rod and Karen and Nerg Nigs,

      I can’t front, I’ve been scratching my neck like a motherfucker for y’all to get back on here and talk about WandaVision. I mean god damn, Marvel just flat out wildin now! I haven’t watched this weeks episode yet though, that’s my lil Friday night treat.

      Also, Rod – I gotta personally thank you. Why? For bogging down my expectations of DC and their new content upon first review is actually really good to me now. I took two weeks off of work to start the year (Karen gave me the idea) I watched Titans, DOOM Patrol and even Justice League and I gotta say I love it all, not that Marvel love though.. that’s exclusive. Doom Patrol probably being the best thing they’ve come through with in a couple years to be honest.

      Thanks for the great content, catch y’all later!

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