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2272: The Wrong Glue

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. Mdiarra

    Hey yall,

    First off I just wanna say Rod you HAVE been pronouncing my name right! And I appreciate you for that lol.

    Now a couple points I wanted to comment on but haven’t been able to.

    Man that gamestop shit was wild to see in real time. I had a few friends throw in large sums of money into this thing, and like you had said from jump these are not “poor” people. One buddy put in 15k into Gamestop and ended up losing like 5k because he waited too long to sell. For him that 5k is not much and he doesnt seem bothered by it. Which again, is more proof this isn’t some David Vs Goliath battle social media has managed to sell this as. This is more like Goliath vs Fred (Goliaths short weird cousin from his moms side ).

    Second point I think its been interesting the discussion about Filibuster thats been coming out lately and I think Karen may be on to something with them not caring as much. I’ve seen a few articles that have pointed out that the things Republicans care about they’ve already got workarounds so they don’t have to work with Democrats. Like the tax cuts and repeal of Obamacare they leveraged the budget reconciliation so that it could pass in a simple majority. and because they don’t really have any real policy other than trying to do away with any policies Dems like. Unlike Dems who want to build actual policies which are not privy to budget reconciliation.

    And finally man Tessica (Gorilla Glue Girl) was a whole trip. Idk if you saw her talk on the radio recently, Heres the link (https://www.kiss925.com/audio/a-woman-who-went-viral-for-using-gorilla-glue-to-hold-her-hair-wound-up-having-to-go-to-the-hospital/) but man its both funny and sad. I feel empathy for her and feel bad. I also think why my empathy is more than it is for something like this is that its cause its a Black woman. We know Black folks wouldn’t be trying to shame folks for laughing at her if this was a white woman! Anyways I have a few questions I wanna know after listening to her interview.
    1. Why was she not as home? She said she wasnt at home and planned to remove the glue after she was home. During a paneroni?
    2. Why couldnt you wait to go home to do this?
    3. How did she apply this glue to her head without getting any of it on her hands?

    Anyways whole situation sad, hope she fix it!

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