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2273: Tucker Carlton

Rod and Karen are joined by comedian J-L Cauvin to discuss NBA basketball, taking a hiatus from his podcast, comedy plans in 2021, comedy for liberal audiences, The Little Things, some movie talk, election news, NYT fires man for saying n-word, Van Jones on the view and sword ratchetness.

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  1. loislane601

    I really enjoyed this episode because my research is about Black comics. I wrote an article about the Chappelle Show back in the day, and have an upcoming one about the Queens of Comedy and Black Lady Sketch Show, so this episode was AMAZING! J-L made some great points about Chappelle too. I am teaching a Soul Food class at my university, and I have my students watch the “Soul Food Purgatory” of Black Lady Sketch show, so they are stans too. I was shocked to hear you say that people were hating on Black Lady Sketch show. It shouldn’t surprise me because I know that KNEEgroes can be petty, but I was surprised that there were people who either didn’t like the show or had issues with the creators. I’m not on social media regularly, so I missed that boat, but I did think you made a good point in saying don’t be mad that whatever awards program snubs our shows b/c we can work against our interests when we publically undermine these shows. I got behind so I’ve been bingeing to catch up so if this conversation occurred on a different episode just charge it to the game!

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