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PG 276: Engaging Less

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss covid talk, work calling you on your personal time, Karen got her mama flowers, credit scores, Biden’s student loans plan, people hating on Jemele Hill, Texas cold weather, Very Scary People, Crime Scene, body language signalling break ups, podcast recommendations, listener feedback, feeling burned out by social media outrage and news.



    Hope the time was very restful to y’all. Rod, I listened to the podcast on Vox with Cecila Munoz & it answered lots of questions about her & how Barack Obama got the “deporter-in-chief label. The interviewer was tough but very fair in allowing Cecila to elaborate in the complexities of Immigration. For awhile, I felt the argument that was held on Obama on this issue for so long, was such framing bullshit, when you had Congress (*cough Republicans cough*) block a potential immigration reform bill that he could’ve signed into law.

    Now, Barack probably has some regrets & mistakes about this very topic, so I don’t want to totally obsolve him of blame, either. However, I still think lots of people held him to this absurd Messiah standard that he alone could fix it & I even see Joe Biden go through it with protesters & the ACLU up his ass about him going back on promises like this shit was going to be easy. Hell, even George W. Bush was for some form of reform of immigration. Shit isn’t as black & white as people think & fucking Trump literally had children go to court to testify being in the US, separated from families, not be fed, etc. A fucking modern-day fascist did this, but WE suppose to be mad at Joe, who just became president on January 20th?

    Anyway, shit’s rigged against those who have to fix the failures of those who are evil. My ire aside, that was an excellent interview. Very eyeopening.

  2. fyahworks

    Welcome back niggaz,

    Hope the time off has been kind to y’all! As a podcast/brand, y’all are growing like Karen’s hair, and I love it! I see you on IG Karen, Shining like a led.

    Have you guys caught snowfall yet! Aww man that show is so good! I also caught a trailer for a new Michael
    B Jordan movie that coming out April 30th on amazon prime, called “without remorse”.

    Lastly are you and Karen or Justin into the voice assistants like Google home or Amazon Alexa? If so which one do you have and do you like it? I’m about to close on a house next week, and definitely looking into doing some smart home stuff and have been doing research, but I rather real
    Life reviews vs YouTube reviews. My brother swears by the Apple home pod. But I think I’m gonna decide between amazon and Google.

    Happy to have you guys back. I know breaks are needed.

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Fyahworks out.

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