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2280: Les Negresses

Rod and Karen discuss breaking up with Papa Johns, a couple documentaries they watched, political news, Coronavirus News, B Simone chirping it up, a failed bomb-making class, Texas power shortage, the acrobat thieves, Ayesha Curry, Amy Cooper, n-word crossword, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    B Simone’s advice came off as very pick me. I don’t know if I hat she said was necessarily wrong but I think the problem is this advice always seems to be aimed at women and not raggedy ass men. I wasn’t mad about it because I don’t follow her and saw her on my my timeline because someone I followed shared the vid. She makes her money saying provocative things I guess and I think she got the result she wanted. She trended

  2. R_tick_chick

    Going along with the metaphor of running a marathon for liberation: I’ve been interpreting it as a relay race. Black people started the first leg and we’ve been passing the baton to other groups along the way to join. Ultimately, it’s going to be up to white folks to carry that shit past the finish line. Although I know the only thing that matters is true equity and liberation for all, It would be irritating to give these white folks (woke or not) any credit for “finishing” the race. It’s kind of like praising a toddler for eating all their veggies after having a tantrum.
    I had fallen off listening to the show regularly for the past couple of months. I’ve had to measure my intake of news as a form of self-care. The way you two handle current events is so necessary, and I’m glad to be back. Smart commentary with plenty of humor goes a long way in helping to process the rage. Love y’all!

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    Your comments regarding this preventable disaster in Texas were needed. I see people “Dunking” on Texas on Twitter and I get it. Texas has long been a Republican strong hold and its anti-government, let’s secede from the country, governing body makes it easy for people to think, “That’s what you get.” However, I beg people to remember that just like many states, Texas has put in place measures to disenfranchise Democratic (read Black, and other non-whites and whites not in alignment with them) voters. So the Republican branding of Texas is more duplicity than the voice of the people, for my fellow New Yorkers who laughed, how did we get Guiliani, Bloomberg, Pataki and on and on. It’s not the government we wanted or deserved. We too suffer from the scourge of blatant racism and Anti-Blackness both within and without our community. And oh yeah, if you think voter suppression isn’t a problem here, explain the hours people in New York City had to wait to vote; just because it isn’t as blatant and plainly spelled out, doesn’t mean it is not here. So stop laughing and dunking on Texas, the people are suffering and that shit ain’t funny.

  4. Sean

    The sword is called a falcata and looks a lot like this one: https://www.japaneseswords4samurai.com/product/honshu-spartan-sword-uc3345/

    Falcata is based on falcon, as the shape of the blade is reminiscent of a falcon. More traditional falacata also had a curved pommel with a horses head engraved in it. Swords can be quite beautiful, but they are also dangerous and should be regulated.

  5. Anne

    Rush Limbaugh is dead. That is all.

  6. B

    Hey Rod and Karen, yeah I watched that Crime Scene documentary and I agree with you Rod. So frustrating how it was drawn out unnecessarily. I hated that the obvious question of substance use was not mentioned until every other bizarre possibility had been exhausted! Smdh. I was screaming at my screen the whole time. Not to speak ill of the victim, but you know if that person was any other race that would be the first line of investigation. Anyway…

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