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2282: MAGA Power Up

Rod and Karen discuss coronavirus news, election news, Tessica Brown’s GoFundMe under investigation, Talib Kweli divorce, Megan Thee Stallion photo-shoot gets mixed reception, Bey setting them thangs out, Hot Sauce suing his ex and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mdiarra

    Hey yall. I 100% agree with what Mcconnel tried to do with Trump and now I think Trump has the Republican party by the balls. They not gonna be able to shake the stink of him and his crew for years to come. Yall see that with CPAC they had a Hotep dude called Young pharoah as their token coon but he was too racist and anti Semitic for even them. LMAO. When will these coons realize that they can’t be like their favorite white folks. Meanwhile im sure that CPAC is gonna have a whole section honoring Rush Limbaugh. White supremacy and folks trying to be adjacent to it sure is a trip.

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