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2284: Coked Out Black History

Rod and Karen are joined by Brandon Collins of The Medium Popcorn Podcast and Drunk Black History to discuss the pandemic, reviewing movies virtually, Drunk Black History, Coronavirus News, cocaine cereal, cocaine crochet kit, funny men give more orgasms, Coca-Cola accused of reverse racism, officer fired for helping BLM, Harry Shearer will no longer voice Black character and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Megan McCain is not even a mediocre white woman. She’d be a cashier at the piggly wiggly if she wasn’t born into into a rich family. How she had the white ass audacity to fix her mouth to say she didn’t know when she was getting the vaccine because she’s a host on the view when her husband owns the federalist and pushes anti mask propaganda is just vomit inducing. I hope she gets a huge hemorrhoid that never goes away.

  2. rdmiller728

    Hey Rod and Karen. Just curious is there a way to see the show notes on Spotify? I’m still trying to navigate on Spotify and haven’t found how to get to the show notes there.

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