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TNO 166: Man Of Lexington Steele

Rod, Karen, DPalm and Sterling discuss listener feedback, entertainment, The Last Airbender, Superman reboot with Coates, Captain Marvel 2, Black Widow still coming to theaters, Fast and Furious 9 delayed another year, Lovecraft season 2 in development, Mission Impossible shuts down filming, Mr and Mrs Smith reboot, blowing in cartridges debunked, Counstantine reboot, Supergirl cast for The Flash, game banned from Steam, Hogwarts Legacy, Blue Beetle movie, Spider-Man No Way Home, Anthem, Mena Massoud, The Running Man, Justice League news, Dragon Age 4 will be single player only, Teyonah Parris, Biden investigating next gen system shortage, Ray Fisher, Superman and Lois renewed, no plans for season 2 of Wandavision, TI dropped from Ant-Man franchise, Supergirl replacing Superman and Lois for a while and The Mutants.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and assorted nerdy ass niggas,

    I hope all is well with y’all.

    Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan have amazing chemistry on the “Nick Spencer Was Right Y’all” show and two episodes in, y’all, I’m fucking partying. Oh and it’s Black folks all over the place too? Hell, Hulk even used the Infinity Stones to give Mackie slightly better facial hair (sadly no luck with an actual chin, though). I’d be lying though if I said I haven’t wanted to yell at folks about giving Nick Spencer his roses like Franklin screaming at Leon about Manboy in that car. Secret Empire spoke directly to my frustrations and apoplectic fury at whiteness during and following the 2016 election. That same caucasity is how Comcsgate Twitter and “Give Cap A Boyfriend” Twitter somehow agreed to hate Secret Empire. I’m excited for where this show is going.

    I learned the other day that Wyatt Russell (John Walker/US Agent) is the son of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. Steve Rodgers might’ve had America’s ass, but John Walker got MAGA America’s jawline for day, my god. I cannot wait til he compares Sam to one of the Wizard of Oz flying monkeys.

    I wrote in awhile back asking why none of my video games were fitting on my 32 inch LCD TV. Well, after our president Moneybagg Jo declared it was a *Bandemic*, I did my patriotic duty and upgraded to a 50 inch 4K TV AND DEAR GOD EVERYTHING IS SO BEAUTIFUL WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING ALL THESE YEARS?! Not only do my games fit on the screen now, but I’m seeing details I never existed in Apex Legends! Nier Automa is gorgeous! Hell, I’m gonna reinstall Far Cry 5 just to gaze at that beautiful nature.

    Speaking of Far Cry 5, Karen, last episode you mentioned wanting a good fishing simulator. Have you ever tried the fishing in Far Cry 5? Granted, it’d probably require having your in-game companions set a perimeter, but I once tried it on a lark and it was so fun I legit paused the game to grab a beer to sip.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe weekend,


  2. Truenotes1

    The Snyder cut was…fine. Was it better than the theater version. Yes. But that bar was on the on the ground. I think the best thing that came out of all of it, was the gamergate guys had him on a live stream they were doing for a fundraiser. And before he was on they were praising him so much. And when he finally got on the stream, he disavowed all of their hateful rhetoric. There was awkward silence from them. Not to praise Snyder, he is an asshole, but I’m glad he at least said it to their faces.

  3. rodimusprime

    Hey Nerds

    I watched the Snyder Justice League and, without spoiling anything, I must say, if I was Ray Fisher I would make up some shit about Joss Whedon too because Joss Whedon’s version really did Cyborg dirty. Compared to the Whedon version, this movie was like 200 times better. It told a complete, coherent story and I actually understood why all the characters were there. I guess sometimes it is better for the original director’s vision to be displayed. Even the threat and villains made much more sense.

    That said, the movie was still boring, drab and dark, not in tone, but in terms of light. Also, this nigga loves him some slow motion. If he put all the slo mo action at regular speed maybe the fucking movie would have been 3 hours. Some scenes are so drawn out on top of it. One scene has Arthur Curry going into the water with some Icelandic women singing a folk song and that scene seemed to last forever. Also, what is with DC and their CGI villains. In Infinity/Endgame Proxima Midnight Ebony Maw and Thanos had features sort of built around the actors. Steppenwolf and company just looked like amorphous cartoon motherfuckers. .It’s the same problem I had with Ares in the Wonder Woman movie. Also, 4:3 nigga? What’s up with that flex? I didn’t buy this big ass TV to have two black bars on the side. I watched the first 2 hours then fell asleep, woke up with 40 mins left, rewound, watched another hour, fell asleep again, woke up to credits, rewound to where I fell asleep then watched the last hour the next day.

    If the point was to prove the original vision was better than the piece of shit that came out in theatres then point proven, but it had all the Zack Snyder issues that I hate. If you like Zack Snyder’s movie making style then honestly the movie would probably be enjoyable to you because the storytelling is a whole lot better. To me though, this was not a good movie.


  4. trojanscooter

    What’s up Rod, Karen and other nerds. I wanted to take a minute to talk about how I became a fan of DC Comics specifically the female characters. Before COVID and HBO Max I watched DC Daily several times a week. Through that show I was introduced to writers such as Cecil Castellucci, Scott Snyder, Sam Humphries and characters like Zatanna, the Female Furies, Detective Chimp, and Krypto. It was similar to an episode of the Character Corner with Kriss and DPalm with nerds who really dig comics.

    As I learned more about the characters, writers and creators, my queue of comics grew, I ended up reading DC exclusively. Female Furies is six issues? I can make time for that. Zatanna is only 12 issues? I can make time for that. I know the DC brand isn’t the most liked/respected by the larger comics/nerd community but it doesn’t matter to me. Snyder, Williamson, Tynion IV, Castellucci, Bendis, King have written very good/great stories. Just take a look at what Snyder and Capullo pulled off with Dark Nights Metal and Death Metal. Throw in the CW shows and it’s hard to not like DC Comics. The movies are in a different walled garden for me.

    Keep up the good work.

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