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SMR 329: Coming 2 America

Rod and Karen discuss the sequel to the comedy classic “Coming 2 America.” We also discuss your feedback.



    Not as good as the first film, but seeing as my expectations were modestly low for it, Coming 2 America exceeded them. I don’t know what kind of film people were looking for with this entry. Sure it doesn’t check the woke, feminist, anti-misogyny, anti-stereotype, PTA-mom boxes, but so what. Even today’s comedies have misogyny or other things in them, we just make excuses for those comedies, despite that. Comedies like Anchorman, Girls Trip, Booksmart & Blockers have that in their film, but because people have picked sides, excuses are made.

    I think the problem with some of today’s comedies, isn’t necessarily a studio problem, as it is trying to find that middle ground of the line of funny in the social media age & trying not to offend anyone. Coming 2 America & even its superior original were going to have those problems head-on with think-pieces attempting to rewrite history with 80s comedy. To be honest, one of the problems I did have with C2A is, when they did attempt to be more progressive with its humor, those joke fell pretty flat. When they stopped that, that’s when I clicked with it.

    Wesley Snipes can now be considered the “I put that shit on everything” scene stealer that he is. For me, this is where the film shines. Anytime he’s on-screen, I just couldn’t wait for what he was going to do next. The entire cast, likewise. And Leslie Jones. My god. *chef kiss*

    I’ll probably watch this again & not care much for the narrative on a film like this. I’m 33 years old & grew up with Eddie & Arsenio & know that their brand of humor is outdated in areas. You don’t have to be woke or leftist to get that, yet I still laugh at it because they’re delivery is stellar. Shit I didn’t even think this film could work, theoretically. Somehow, Eddie & company made a shouldn’t-have-been-PG-13 film work pretty well.

  2. Miss1ko

    I just love how you guys aren’t adding to the overwhelming complaints. The movie was not perfect but it was great for me who grew up watching Coming to America ALL THE TIME. I know every single part of the dialogue. So it was maybe for the cult fans who LOVE this. So basically me. Ha ha.

    I wanted more of Queen Lisa getting drunk. More of the side characters being funny, like you said. WITH CURSING. More muthafuckers. No need for the offensive anti trans but a few f-bombs. Would have been seasoning on the chicken. Fatback in the collard greens.

    Only you guys and Scottie Beam on Twitter were joyful in their reception. They did seem to have a good time. Yes, they gave James Earl Jones his things and it was very reminiscent of a Mel Brooks comedy so very meta and just silly and funny.

    And Wesley Snipes has always had comedic timing. White men can’t jump? I watched this with younger people…who weren’t Eddie Murhpy fans. So they didn’t get many of the jokes in the first one. Like the whole trading places cameo…they had no idea when that was referenced. So I figure they didn’t get the first time and so it wasn’t such a nostalgic thing for them.

    Where was Lisa’s sister? Like the colourism affected Vanessa Bell Calloway but the twist was the dark-skinned woman is the pretty princess and the light-skinned was cerebral. I think Lisa’s sister missing was a missed opportunity to kinda make her character a Lil better.

    Man, I’m so glad you guys reviewed it. I love Leslie Jones. Always have. Had no problem. And she was looking good in the movie. SERVING LOOKS. People are ashamed of her and are ashamed of her section of Blackness. And she will still collect them supermarket sweep checks. African stereotypes……of rich good looking people with a dark skinned queen.

    People in South Africa HATED people playing Mandela. With people like that who are held so sacred…I get why native people want a native son playing them. There are icons of civil rights in France, the UK and the Caribbean & their people hold those legacies dear. They prefer their best actors get the opportunity to play those roles. And I heard this from the days of Fela being on broadway and Nigerians was like everyone should be Naija. And I was like that’s fair. I mean they were HEATED that Patti LaBelle was in the play. I mean I was hyped for her but… Who are we to tell them we should play their icons? So who are they to tell us the same. I just want good content but I know some actors personally and I know living abroad being a foreign person gets you special treatment that you don’t get when you’re native. In entertainment and in regular 9 to 5.

    This was too long but I love y’all.


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