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2293: Quite The Pickle

Rod and Karen discuss Iowa governor voter signs voter suppression bill, Arkansas governor signs abortion ban law, more insurrectionists arrested, Capitol fence coming down, Mississippi governor rejects money for medicaid, Grammy winners, Oscar nominations, maskless woman attacks Uber driver, Ulta Beauty suspends deal with Teen Vogue, man record himself sexually assaulting dog, man sexually assaults stuffed toys, man uses pickle to gratify himself on private property and sword ratchetness.

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  1. btouch

    The way one of my industry friends explained it to me, the Actors branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (who gives out the Oscars) can move performer nominees between their lead and supporting categories based on consensus from the other members of that branch.

    All of Warner Bros.’ “for your consideration” ads for “Judas and the Black Messiah” (link: https://www.wbawards.com/film/?film=judasandtheblackmessiah) present LaKeith Stanfield as the lead and Daniel Kaluuya and Meth Damon as the supporting actors.

    Maybe the Academy will come out and explain that they either (a) felt both LaKeith and Daniel were co-leads, and do what was done with “Moonlight” where everyone just ran as supporting, (b) they’re clearing Best Actor to give Chadwick Boseman his posthumous Oscar, or (c) maybe they didn’t like how LaKeith had mostly been overlooked by the other awards ceremonies while Daniel has racked up awards. They can be arcane.

    I did, however, enjoy LaKeith’s response to the whole thing: https://twitter.com/been_herde/status/1371617391877185538?s=20

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