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2294: Grifted Hands

Rod and Karen discuss Karen’s random thoughts, coronavirus news, political news, LGBTQ News, Black Capitalists, Ben Carson, Shaun King and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Ugh Ben Carson was every little black kids hero when I was growing up and so many black kids were inspired to become doctors because of him so it really hurt when he turned full on coon. The amount of shucking and jiving he has done in the past five years he has erased all good will he ever had from the black community. His actions have put him on my list of top five coons of all time up there with Jason Whitlock, Candace Owens, Darell Scott and. Jimmie jj walker who moved up a slot when Herman Caine died

  2. Anne

    One more thing….Rod. There has been a big push to get more Bitcoin users in the black community. Jay Z is part of a fund created to help that effort. I’m on the fence about what is driving this. I know you don’t usually get into topics like this but do you think you would ever do a medium talk interview with someone who understands what’s going on?

  3. Anne

    Because I’m a Karen Stan I’m going to buy those leggings from Amazon.

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