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2313: The Return Of Chocolate Earthquake

Rod and Karen discuss the Chauvin trial, another police shooting in MN, the response to “Them”, DMX passes, Prince Philip dies, Diddy calls out Corporate America, Usher Bucks, Nipple-Gate revisited, Keri Hilson, Sheryl Underwood had PTSD, cops arrest innocent Black man, White Lives Matter rallies failed, White Lies Matter Ranson, woman keeps money from erroneous deposit, woman not allowed on church hunting retreat, man helps wife fake her death and sword ratchetness.

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    I’ve yet to watch “Them” on Amazon, but I’m quite tired of the performative “I hate slavery” agenda. All of it doesn’t seem to have any rules because people are just making them up, depending on the artist & subject matter. Besides, it’s 2021, there’s so much black content across streaming & TV, that complaining is for the birds. Time & time again, these are the same folks who bitch about this shit. It’s like ADOS, but for entertainment. A part of me does worry about the constant bickering will then cause us to not have any of this down in later years, but I guess I’m confident that won’t happen. Also, I might wanna watch these types of black films & shows, because of a little thing called ‘choice’. Too many options for our community to get bent out of shape. Though, seeing folks do this shit for clout chasing, instantly causes me to simply ignore their, since, I’m pretty good at protecting my peace from performative bullshit, especially lately, when I noticed that, it’s nothing but a game to them. They’ll be at it again with Black Lady Sketch show in the coming days, complaining stupidly about all of the cast members & then, either celebrating accolades or if it doesn’t, get mad at the awards for a lack of nominations. Shit’s so bereft of integrity, to be honest. Pick a lane or step aside.

  2. FalconsDiva

    I was heated about that F’ing with black people story where they randomly arrested a black man. But when Karen interrupted, yelled DRACARYS and went off, I had to laugh. And Rod’s periodic “hm hmm” during Karen’s rant made it even funnier. I know y’all were serious but for some reason I got tickled.

    I just love Karen’s passion. Most times it gets me just as riled up, but every now and then I laugh.

    Thanks for all the emotions! Love y’all!!!

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