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2314: The Crack In The Hat

Rod and Karen discuss a lot of Coronavirus News, cop who shop Jacob Blake working again, cop identified in Daunte Wright shooting, BLM co-founder could be investigated over new home, man hides gun in booty, GA woman busted stealing PPP Money, bartending mom busted with drugs around her kids and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Whilenooneslooking.

    It seems there is no need for a J Edgar Hover anymore. Social media is a present day Cointelpro ; the doxing , harassment and pitting groups against each other can be done by anyone.
    If the present day activists had not been so contentious with the old guard civil rights leaders maybe they could have avoided some of these pitfalls. But maybe it’s just human nature.

  2. Nourbese

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    Just wanted to drop a note about Patrisse story as well. A couple of things even though 1.4 mill sounds like a lot, out here in LA that’s kinda average right now. I live in a pretty regular (but gentrifying) neighborhood and a 2 bed, 1 bath house 800 sq. ft is like 1.2 mill/ 1.3 mill on my block. The other piece of it is that some articles were taking some serious liberties on purpose… saying Topanga canyon is near malibu or any other fancy area is like saying south-central or Compton is near Beverly hills. It’s all Los Angeles County but they ain’t close. I know some of the articles online were trying to set it up like she bought a house in some fancy pancy area. Don’t get me wrong Topanga is nice, but it’s not Malibu or Hermosa by a long shot.

    I think overall though, I’m just disappointed with so many “progressive” black folks ( we like to call them click activist/armchair activist) taking the bait and ready to doxx and bring down Patrisse. A right-wing site puts a trolling article up, and it just sad how many people want to take her down. I mean I guess I don’t understand, but I thought we would want our movement leaders to be able to be around to help lead, instead of homeless and struggling. I feel like Twitter has just become a place for folks to tear people down instead of seeking therapy and whatever else they need to do that requires real work.

    Anywhoo as a born and raised Los Angeleno, I know Patrisse has been doing this work long before BLM was on the front street, and from my view, she deserves to finally be able to live comfortably. I remember when she started one of the criminal justice organizations down here (dignity and power now) please believe she was working for pennies on the dollar back then. Also I don’t know what she is doing with the property she has, or if she could be hooking up her family or other folks either, so I think it’s even more important to hold judgment. Lastly, Sonja Renee Taylor dropped an IG talking about this (linked here – https://www.instagram.com/tv/CNsvy_jAktq/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link) raising the point about if the idea of Black women having money is suspicious in itself that it is a delusion of White Supremacy… I thought that it was an interesting take.

    Finally on a complete and separate note, I know y’all like to keep stuff to yourself for your own enjoyment, but man I wish y’all were doing a recap on Falcon and the Winter Solider. Y’all give the best recaps hands down… and I’ve been trying to poke around to other places to listen to the recaps…. and… well… some folks be going a little too deep with a fictional tv show… I mean it got layers but it’s still a TV show. Anywhoo just putting it out there if y’all decide to do recap behind the paywall…. I would surely listen :). Thanks and Hugs Nana

  3. MelRou

    Re: Patrisse Khan-Cullors gettin to the bag, she actually makes a LOT doing speaking engagements. I only know because she came to speak at a national conference I helped organize a few years back. She was actually willing to take a cut since the mission of the conference was directly about race and pedagogy with an emphasis on the K-12 system and we had invited the other two BLM founders to also speak as well (for the same fee). Quiet as it’s kept tho, her speaking fees were/are substantially less the than dear brother Cornel West who we hosted at the same conference, but I’m not one to watch Marxist pocketbooks… Most folks in this kind work, with her kind of profile, actually make a killing through these speaking gigs, be it in the media (again, brother West stay gettin a check), at a conference, or a private event, they have to be paid to share their voice as leader or expert in the field. But to put things into perspective, Chelsea Clinton’s speaking fees are 65k per gig, Ben Carson was getting 40k per gig (pre-Trump), Don Jr. gets up to 100k per gig (cuz rich white male privilege), etc, etc. Long story short, the uproar online and the assumption by some folks that she’s misappropriating funds doesn’t jive with how she’s actually been making a living since she and the other founders have had their profiles raised. Honestly, she could have easily made most if not all the money for those homes from her speaking engagements and media appearances alone without even considering her checks from the book and her work as a content producer. If anything, the book helped her get more speaking gigs and raise the price point of each appearance/speaking fee. Even Marxist dollars gotta make sense.

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