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2318: A Christian Woman Of God

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Parler allowed back on App Store, Brian Sicknick died of natural causes, TX allowing permitless gun carrying, White House reverses course on refugee cap, Florida Anti-Riot bill, Judge in Chauvin trial goes after Maxine Waters, Dems to introduce bill to expand Supreme Court, LGBTQ News, Florida nurse accused of threatening to kill VP, Popeyes robbery, man drives into a pond and sword ratchetness.

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  1. @Negus.Nick

    Hey Gang, I finally made a membership and had to come say how Happy I was to hear you play one version of the LGBTQNews and then go back to play the BOP! I need that boost before the reminder of ignorance that we have to face.
    While I’m here, 2 other things. I started/finished The Wire because of all of the jokes and how often you mentioned it and Thank You!
    Secondly, how did you first know you were an empath ? Hearing and learning a little more makes me think I may fall into the category.

  2. msmarysmile

    Wish I had been listening live because I would’ve got the slow golf clap, too. I knew the woman who threatened Kamala Harris was black when you said she questioned whether the VP was black. The hateration just jumped out.

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