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2219: Yelaton

Rod and Karen are joined by Corey Glover of Living Colour to discuss technical difficulties, making music in the pandemic, staying at home, Zoom Funerals, listening to music, Blackness in TV shows, H&M free suit rentals to job hunters, boy finds bullet in Hot Cheetos, VA legalizes weed, Black Capitalists, Jay Baker fired from CAA, White People News, Florida man shoot his shot with a judge and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Always good when you have Corey on the show. I love that he’s such a fan and gets into all the segments and sings the songs. He’s one of my favorites guests.

  2. btouch

    Fun episode- Corey Glover is always a great guest.

    About those “Boondocks” episodes: the BET ones (there’s two!) definitely did not air at the time, because Viacom threatened to sue. The Tyler Perry one, tho, _did_ air at first – I saw it live and nearly passed out from laughing.

    They probably did pull it afterwards, however, because I head from more than one source that Tyler sped up I-75-85 early the next morning (and if you’ve spent enough time in Atlanta, you know this is a superhuman feat) and showed up at the Turner complex in midtown Atlanta HEATED and read them the riot act. All his shows were on TBS (owned by Turner just like Cartoon Network/Adult Swim) at the time; within two years or so, they were all on OWN. Coincidence?

    I also heard at he time that Tyler fired a few people he thought may have leaked insider information about how his organization worked that were rather accurately parodied in the Boondocks episode. It wasn’t until much later that we learned that it was Gary Anthony Williams – the voice of Uncle Ruckus – who told. He’d apparently been cast in a Tyler Perry production and lost that job because he was caught on camera ogling the ladies just like Grandad was in the episode.

  3. ProfKori

    “Karen was assisting. Maybe there’s where I fucked up” — LOL!!!

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