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2320: Stop Arguing With Racists Online

Rod and Karen discuss the power outage they experienced, getting a new laptop, Coronavirus News, police still killing Black people, DOJ probing Minneapolis police, Chappelle starting podcast, cop won’t be charged in Ashli Babbitt shooting, Eric Andre racially profiled at airport, menthol cigarettes vs Black people, HBCU policing program, teacher cuts biracial girl’s hair without permission, former police chief accused of arson, LARP-ing love triangle bombing, Amazon workers stealing and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    My life became a lot less stressful when I stopped engaging with people online who actively embrace ignorance.

  2. LotusFlower

    Karen, do you secretly have children? Every time you and Rod cover a story about a child, your protective Mama Energy comes out. I was sitting here nodding my head in agreement with you. If a teacher cuts my child’s hair at school, they will be seeing me daily until that teacher is gone. Just from my experience, people without children don’t seem nearly as bothered when something like this happens, so I appreciate the energy.

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