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2330: Volcano Wedding

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, LGBTQ news, republicans lying about slavery, Chauvin’s appeal, LA Sheriff’s harass families of people they kill, woman gets racist in Burger King, 4 year old orders ice cream from Amazon, police chief demoted, drunk man bbq’s his dog and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kemdoc

    Hey y’all,

    White people are not okay. Everyday a knew on turns into a racist like the zombies turn in Walking Dead.

    Did you see the racist idiot who stole this girls phone charger in Central Park and called the cops on them saying they were trying to beat her?

    The cops made her return it and did nothing about the false claim. Yuck.

    They’re definitely not okay.

  2. Mary

    Whew I felt that Guess The Race story about the dog being BBQd. I’m from the Philippines where there are a lot of poor people. I’m not talking U.S. Poor, I’m talking Poor-Poor. Anyway, it is not as common in the Philippines to have dogs as pets – that’s more of an American thing. However, my family did have a dog while we lived in the Philippines, and it was a Doberman. Well, one day the Doberman went missing…And our gardener happened to be walking down the street past where some squatters stayed. He noticed that there was something being roasted on a spit…Yup, it was our Doberman. Sheesh, talk about living up to the stereotype.

  3. bamil73

    When you were reading that Louisiana state senator’s comments about the 3/5 compromise I was screaming into my headphones that that shit was wrong. Good thing the article you were reading pointed out how wrong his comments were. It made me think how wild it is that I, a Jamaican in Canada knew more about the motivations behind the 3 fifs compromise than an elected official in the US. On the other hand, it could be that this dude knew better but wilfully warped his interpretation to fit his own narrative. Like Raoul Peck points out, it’s not a lack of knowledge that perpetuates white supremacy. Also that woman that was defending him with her rant about good slave masters was wild too. I used to hear that chestnut when I was growing up in the 80s as well, from some black people back home but it was pretty well established that backra (Jamaican term for massa) was pure evil. The only time slavemasters had love and respect for slaves was if they named their whips “Love” and “Respect” (hey o, I’ll be here all week. Tip your servers). The whole justification of chattel slavery is predicated on the notion that we are little more than beasts and you don’t need to treat beasts will love and respect so they can fuck off with that good slave master bullshit.


  4. Anne

    It finally happened! I gave my first in person TBGWT podcast recommendation to a friend. A co-worker asked for a new podcast to listen to and I suggested TBGWT.
    How do I collect my finders fee for new listeners??? Just joking. I would recommend for free. But if you ARE handing out rewards…..

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