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PG 286: Hotep In The Wild

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss bad boss picks a new target, Karen moves to a new team, Rod guesting on podcasts, a Hotep in the wild, listener feedback and pregame news.


  1. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod Karen and J. Budden. Rod Karen be careful going on vacation. Fuck around and next pre game show it will be Justin talking to two empty chairs. Anyway few weeks ago Justin Mentioned crumbl cookies. I just want to thank him for mentioning them. I’ve lived by one for almost a year never went til Justin mentioned them. And nigga those cookies are so good, and I like the fact they switch up the rotation weekly, cause they know how to keep a cookie fiend like myself coming back. Any ways peace!


    You guys have pretty much been spot-on about the goal posts move on what a black creative is suppose to do with projects on TV & Film. Rod, I echoed your sentiments on why black people are ashamed of black portrayal in media. At first, I didn’t want to believe that because I thought it was some other reasons for why the same people feel the way they do of these shows & it’s hard to argue, really.

    Hopefully, at some point, they’ll come to some consensus that the reason why Soul, Moonlight, Beale Street, When They See Us & other recent stories involving black characters, comes from an internal insecurity within themselves, which is understanbly natural but ain’t nothing to be ashamed of. You just gotta fight through it & find your peace. I mean, I’m black & autistic & used to feel that way about certain portrayals in entertainment & simply worked on myself,
    over time, & learned that the material is just in the material, nothing else. Denzel literally did an autistic character in Roman J. Israel, esq. & found it to be a genuine performance, a genuine performance, because Autism wasn’t treated like a superpower, since, it’s a whole damn spectrum. Regardless of that film’s mixed consensus, it high-key did something that most films dealing with a disorder of Autism: They treated the material with nuance because Denzel & other reps of the movie cared about that. I’ll always want that level of detail in black shit, regardless of feelings.

    It’s important that these stories don’t become forgotten. Like you said a couple of weeks ago, Rod, these folks mad at history or even fiction for that matter with certain portrayals making people uncomfortable, just change the damn channel. We can’t go back to making our shit innocuous for white people. White people are going to find a reason to either like our films, not understand our stories for snarky takes, hate on it because of their damn white guilt they refuse to look inward at or 1 trillion other reasons they refuse to unlearn their bullshit. Look, feel how you wanna feel about Kenya Barris, Tyler Perry & other adversaries on black Twitter, but those dudes literally got to where they are, because they didn’t give a shit about how whites felt. Matter of fact, they kinda don’t care what Twitter thinks for the most part, if we’re being honest. They’re comfortable telling their stories & have made a healthy profit from TV & Film. Even white watch them & enjoy it from time to time. It is what it is. I’ll make sure to check out Them in time. My viewing slate is very full, right now.

    Take it easy, y’all.

  3. fyahworks

    Hey Rod Karen and Justin

    Hope the week was kind to y’all.

    First states were giving $100 to get vaccinated

    Then some states up the ante to weed

    Now ohio governor says all who get vaccinated will be entered into a million dollar lottery.

    I wonder what’s next ….

    Also I was looking for y’all opinion on grills I’m trying to buy one for the summer. I’ve been doing my research on wood pellet grills that my friend put me on too. Have you guys heard of traeger or pitboss? I’m looking between those 2 brands. I’ve heard good reviews on both! I know grilling and bbq’n is bigger in the south than you in nyc. I would appreciate opinions from you guys or my fellow behind the pay wall-ers lol


    Love the shows and you guys enjoy y’all break

    Fyahworks Out

  4. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod, Karen, and Justin,

    It’s been a long time since I’ve gave feedback so this might be a long one. Im not caught up, as im listening to the 8 April episode with Rodney.

    Ive been premium for two years now, so I hear Justin’s voice all the time. But every time I hear him on the main show, i get hype!! Love Justin and his feedback and lack of sports commentary with emphasis on the groupies lol.

    I watched Wanda vision along with falcon and the white man, and they both were great in their own right! Wanda vision was something Ive never experienced before. I loved the development of the show, and I like that they committed to the first episode without giving any of the plot away. I really wasn’t enthusiastic about Wanda or Vision, but as Marvel does, I loved the characters by the end.

    As far as the winter soldier show, I REALLY didn’t care about watching falcon become the new captain America. But boyyyy they did a good job. As soon as the show was over, i legit said out to myself ‘Nigga, fine’. They tackled race in a way they just haven’t discussed in the MCU, and I appreciated it very much. Shoutout to you Rod, as I remember you talking about the Marvel comics with falcon and how they talked about race in the cómics, so I’m glad they really stuck with that cism, because it’s real. By the way, is it just me that was surprised at how fine Bucky is?? Also, I seen how Bucky was tryna get some of Falcon’s sister! I know the point of the show was for falcon to become captain America, but Bucky really impressed me. I ain’t know white wolf can act!

    Random side note, but I go back and listen to old Pregame and BDS episodes when I catch up, and I will NEVER forget when Justin was kicked off the show for an episode and replaced with snorkel light skinned cohost, and then he just came back the next episode talking shit lmao. Fantastic, 10/10, would recommend.

    Listen. Rod, Karen and Justin, have gotten me through a lot. One year long deployment, two out of state moves, and a divorce. I’ve had a bunch of hard days, but the laughs and entertainment i get from the premium feed is exceptional. Thank you all! Talk to you soon.

    – Kikadoo

  5. PamelaM8

    Hey Rod Karen and Justin!

    I’m with Rod about getting back to regular activities post-vaccination. I was good to go mid last month, and my son just got clear this past week. He was able to get a haircut yesterday (mask on), we went to the gym today (masks on) and tomorrow for Mother’s Day we’ll finally be able to visit indoors with family; couldn’t do that since March 2020. Don’t have Disney+ but I want to be in the theater for Shang-Chi this year (mask on). I’m also with Karen; everyone is allowed their comfort level about what activities they feel safe doing, especially when you see the rest of these folks out here wildin’ like there’s nothing going on. A local reporter just last week said on the air “as we come to the end of the pandemic” and I could imagine Coronavirus perking up and saying “who said that? The pandemic is over when I SAY it’s over, not you!”

    Anyway appreciate your shows and like hearing everyone’s perspective on a variety of things!

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