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BDS 396: Collecting Checks

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Deion Sanders helping, Canelo Alverez brother was kidnapped in 2018, Zach Wilson asked about his mom being “hot”, Tristan Thompson cheating fallout, Olympics ban BLM, Kyrie fined again, Bam Adebayo’s friend roasted at game, Jessica Eye charging 7k on OnlyFans, Le’veon Bell 7th baby, DeAndre Hopkins vacation, Hockey fan fight, Naomi Osaka new bikini line, podcast sued by Triller, Stephen A Smith on General Hospital, Rachel Bush, Lebron, Felix Verdejo arrested for murdering mistress, Teanna Trump at the Hornets game, Mark Walton has an episode at Pizza Hut, Shailene Woodley fried for attending Kentucky Derby, RG3 takes shots a Cousins, cop who mocked Lebron raises 190K, McNabb points out the obvious, Slim Danger talks abortions, Bills GM might cut unvaccinated players, GA coming for NCAA players’ endorsement money, Floyd hyping fight, PJ Washington and Brittany Renner baby arrives and Larry Johnson Hotep Corner.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and the Jleveland Browns Front Office,

    I hope all is well with y’all.

    Everyone in the Browns front office that decided they’d rather support Baker Mayfield instead of stuffing his pockets with draft picks and shipping him to Green Bay for Aaron Rodgers is why the Browns will never prosper. Baker Mayfield ain’t nothing more than a stocky discount Kirk Cousins and Aaron Rodgers is AARON FUCKING RODGERS! Ain’t like Rodgers is out here looking flabby and sick like Drew Brees (Brees winced after each pass like season like throwing any harder would shear his labrum off the bone). It’s rare that a team is actually a quarterback away from a playing for a title but goddamnit, the Browns are probably there! Did nobody running the Browns learn anything from the Cavs saying fuck the future cuz trophies shine forever? Rodgers throwing to OBJ, Jarvis Landry, David N’Joku with Nick Chubb in the backfield? Nobody stopping that. But naw, Baker played better and suddenly we ain’t trying to win right now.

    Urban Meyer is a homeboy hall of famer for signing Tebow, right? Criteria is just based on getting your homeboy job, logic and sense be damned, correct? Cuz Meyer could’ve just hired Tebow as an analyst or chaplain or something to weight the bench down on windy days. Or, crazy as it sounds, Meyer could signed former Florida Gator and actual NFL tight end Trey Burton (ITWAN, btw). I ain’t think Meyer was long for the NFL anyway since losing football games is literally physically painful. Glad to see I’ma bout to be right about this shit.

    Congrats to the Knicks on making the playoffs! RJ Barrett running around like a headless chicken at the end of the Lakers game? That ain’t foreboding going into the postseason, naw, that’s just a youthful mistake that Thibbs will surely correct. Naw but really though, congrats to the Knicks and I hope their fans enjoy it. Damn, even Derrick Rose’s knees have held up through this season. You love to see it.

    Has Bill Simmons said anything yet about how Luka swinging at Collin Sexton’s nuts is justified cuz Luka is trying to compensate for not having as many fast twitch muscle fibers as Sexton yet?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe weekend! Thanks as always for the dope shows!

    – Dough

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jent Bazmore 

    Dapmaster trying to get cute and hype up his teammate, and Brad Beal had nothing *but* time on his hands. When’s the last time somebody else ran their mouth about YOUR accomplishments starting beef? Coming through with that “Yeah and it’s hot too” energy on his 7 points a game.

    But don’t worry I ain’t never scared of bringing up Knicks trash talk! Excuse me, that’s playoff bound for the first time in 8 years New York Knicks! Went .500 on our West Coast trip without our two best shooters and RJ hitting the rookie wall in his first real season. Don’t let us play the sorry Hawks in the first round or I’ll be talking cash shit to DPalm.

    And I respect Rod’s take on the Jets QB having a hot mom, but you were coming at it from the perspective of someone who’s professional and actually good at their job. That Carton dude is a known asshole shock jock who has a history of doing stuff like this including mocking postpartum depression of the Governor’s wife. That was big, “I’m just asking questions” energy so he could hide behind the question being newsworthy while still being a dick.

    Appreciate the dope shows as always. Hope you have a great week, and congrats on the new gig Justin. 

  3. fyahworks

    Ps I stand corrected Alex got it for 1.5b

    Maybe he still got a chance with JLo lol


      Hey Rod, Karen & Jurt Busch

      Guess I can give y’all a bit of a mid-race report with the goings on with Bubba Wallace. This dude doesn’t have a top-15 finish all season. He’s finished 16th on a few occasions but has yet to finish outside the top-30, so I guess that not bad. Spent some time in the lead at Daytona, Martinsville & Talladega but buddy’s been finishing mediocre in Toyota equipment & Joe Gibbs chassis. Quiet as it’s kept, but while Daniel Suarez is also in an upstart team like Bubba’s 23XI Racing, he’s been a bit better. It won’t get much easier, but he & that team’s going to have to pick up the pace. Help ya man out, Denny Hamlin & MJ.

      Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, been killin’ it as he usually does in Formula 1. Dude just stays winning races & championships. I don’t know if the whites can handle a black man taking all of Michael Schumacher’s prior achievements. Their collective heads will probably go boom like that the Clayton Bigsby sketch on Chapelle Show. Lewis has as many championships as Mike does (7), btw.

  4. fyahworks

    Greetings Rod Karen and jalex Rodriguez

    So as the days go by we are seeing why JLo ain’t get back with a Rod! That broke boy never got the deal finalized to take ownership of the timberwolves. She read the tea leaves and said lemme stay away! I also hear the window has closed on finalizing a deal so he is out.

    So the nfl season is heating up as Tim Tebow signs with Jacksonville as a tight end! And it seem he gonna have a bounty on his head because a linebacker already licking his chops saying “kaep still ain’t get no job but this guys does? I can’t wait for the season to start” I’d be surprised if he lasts the whole season, but then again….. white privilege! Tebow sure keep a job tho!

    Shout out to j cole taking his talent to the motherland to play in Rwanda.

    Until next time

    Fyahworks out

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