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TNO 168: Final Fantasy NBA

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Chris Lamberth discuss listener feedback, entertainment, GRR Martin re-ups with HBO, Rick and Morty season 5, Donald Fiason cast in Power Puff Girls live action, Netflix buys Knives Out sequels, MS adds touch controls to cloud games, Elon Musk Jurassic Park, transforming Optimus is 700 bucks, PS5 update for storage, Shazam casts Lucy Liu, Uncharted Spin-off is dead, Doctor Strange 2 wraps, Castlevania ending, Lord of the Rings TV budget, Twitch cutting down on viewbots, Stacy Osei-Kuffour writing Blade, Spider-Man deal, Gearbox supports trans people, Captain America news, Xbox sales rose, Invincible renewed for 2 more seasons, Sunset Overdrive, Witcher 3 director steps down over bullying allegations, The Flash losing cast members, Twitch bans woman who was being harassed, class action suit against PlayStation, Humble Bundle controversy, Last of Us remake, Mass Effect remake frame rates, Indigenous Captain America, Paramount+ movie release plan, Loki releasing on Wednesdays, Kung Fu renewed, Stargirl renewed, Elon Musk over promises on self driving cars, Fortnite spoilers, Xbox FPS boosts and Marvel drops their line up.



    Oh AT&T/WarnerMedia, you poor diluted fools. Three years ago, began one of the biggest mergers in the history of acquisitions & then now, they abandon the relationship like Tony asking for Peter’s suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming, except Tony was actually right to believe in Peter. AT&T spinning off WarnerMedia into a merger with Discovery is certainly wild with all the rights being acquired, but Warner Bros is such an incompetent studio, that this latest attempt at competing is a farce. Disney, Amazon & Netflix has already won the streaming wars, even if this shit passes the regulators. WarnerMedia has pissed away so much money doing the dumbest shit, they better be careful & not get bought themselves. HBO Max is a great streaming service but it’s not a well-planned one, however. You’re $15 out the gate, SnyderCut cost an additional $80M (only barely defeating the 1st episode of Falcon & Winter Soldier by a mere tenth a percent in streaming views), lots & lots of debt from prior mergers, using a AI service to determine what makes their films successful, WB Games might be in trouble because of it & other dumb shit I can’t remember because it’s too much. Good luck to them, because they’ll need it.

    Oh & Speaking of Zack Snyder, Dawn of the Dead isn’t good because of him, much of that credit is owed to one James Gunn, because he actually cares about plot & characters. Seeing his disappointing Army of the Dead gave me that epiphany. It’s not terrible but dude shouldn’t be writing scripts. I still like Man of Steel, Watchmen & DotD, but yeah, he’s just a guy being gassed up by his vapid fanbase.

  2. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here. Hope you’re all doing well. Got my first vaccine shot. Looking forward to being able to go outside without paranoia in the near future! Really enjoyed having Chris lamberth on. Quick note on his interest in coming to work over here In the UK, we do love us our US celebrities randomly joining British shows. If you recall John Goodman has done it, he was darn good on Black Earth Rising. There was also Taylor lautner, he was on a comedy over here a while back. Show wasn’t good. And there’s Joey from friends who was on top gear too. there’s definitely a blueprint lol.

    Moving on, First of all one of the anime I’ve been working on announced its release date. Please look forward to me being unbearable in October lol. And speaking of anime, I gotta apologize to everyone. When I first watched yasuke I was trying my hardest to give it the benefit of the doubt. The more I’ve rewatched though the more I’ve come to be disappointed by it. It’s not terrible but it really just falls apart in all aspects in the last 2 episodes. Even the stuff I enjoyed about it at the beginning ends up being wasted by the end. I stand by the first 4 episodes being enjoyable for what they are but the last 2 are just not great.

    Now changing the subject to something that IS great. Man castlevania season 4 was fantastic. And I’m not just saying that because some of my friends worked on it haha. Shout-out to my Bois Kenny, Eduardo and Chris. The entire crew put their souls into it man. Episode 9 had some of the best animation I’ve ever seen from any show. Truly an achievement.

    Lastly I’m gonna just thank you guys for recommending so many good games while I was on my gaming hiatus. Now that I can take a bit of time to rest and recharge between jobs, I’ve started playing games again. I got a new work laptop with 16gb of ram and a Ryzen 7 processor. It’s great for all my work needs and it runs all the games I wanna play at high settings in 1080p pretty well. I recently purchased a bunch of stuff on sale and I spent a little over £20 on the following, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Jedi Fallen Order, Mass Effect Andromeda, Rise of the Tomb Raider and One Piece Pirate Warriors 3. I’ve probably played the one piece game way more than the rest because I’m a one piece Stan and dynasty warriors Stan and the 2 together go very well lol. I have enjoyed the rest as well though. I’m halfway through the story mode of Battlefront 2 because I absolutely suck at shooters but I’m enjoying the story, I’m a few hours into Jedi Fallen Order and I’ve been kinda salty this wasn’t just a Kanan game because Cal feels like Diet Kanan to me, the gameplay however is probably the best of any of the games I’m currently playing. So satisfying. Thank you for recommending some of these. I made my Ryder look like Chiwetel ejiofor in Mass Effect Andromeda and I’m having fun playing it because I can’t go back to the original trilogy (I’ve played each one more than 10 times lol). Alright, gonna keep enjoying my downtime before I go back to 18 hour days. Love y’all, Felix Out.

  3. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Guest,

    Lara Croft is in my top 5 Dead or Alive for Impossible White Men. However, have ya’ll played Resident Evil 3 or the remake? I think someone has finally usurped Lara and her name is Jill Valentine. This is just one instance but she ate a rocket to the face at close range and was able to get up. If that’s not IWM material, I don’t know what is.

    Keep up the great work,


  4. greatunclebob

    In reference to why there’s no more solo Hulk movies in the MCU, Universal has right of first refusal to any solo movie. The workaround is to put him in other movies so it doesn’t count as a solo flick.


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