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2335: No Digital Slavery

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Flag Officers 4 America, cats vs rats in Chicago, Rock & Roll HOF, Liz Cheney removed from top post, NRA can’t file bankruptcy, Facebook changing the way we share articles, women honored on quarters, Capitol Police hearing, Caleb Kennedy KKK video, Dunkin’ customer catches hands over racial slur, woman urges Facebook followers to dress as KKK, white bandit, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I don’t feel the least bit sorry for Liz Cheney. I ain’t forget that she voted with Trump 93 percent of the time and how she bad mouthed Obama. She is a ghoul and so is her father. I can’t believe that mother fucker is still alive. He probably drinks the blood of babies to keep breathing because there’s no way his dead dusty heart is still beating.
    I say all this to say, she’s no hero

  2. msmarysmile

    Will miss you guys next week but enjoy well deserved time off. Two comments. First, Rod, your white man and woman imitations are superb! Secondly, I wonder if Tom Cruises’s return of his Golden Globes has anything to do with him having a biracial son and understanding the need for representation on that level. . I remember one time Nicole Kidman saying she would never say the n word in a movie because of their son.
    Look forward to having you both back.

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