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PG 287: Special Friend

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss the gas shortage, a work scandal at J’s job, Karen changes work teams, Coronavirus Sale stuff, Lupin, That Damn Michael Che, A Black Lady Sketch Show, listener feedback and Pregame news.

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  1. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod, Karen and Justin,

    I hope all is well.

    Man this season of Pose is so damn good. This is how a show that knows it’s in its final season should go out.

    Is anyone watching Ziwe on Showtime. Her commentaries on race, societal structures and gender in America are pretty damn good. The same holds true for Amber Ruffin’s show on Peacock (this is one of the free shows).

    A Black Lady Sketch Show gets funnier with each episode. I wish a Nigga Would— Sit Down Somewhere. Between this Amber Ruffin and Ziwe, Black women are killing the comedic commentary lane. You love to see Black women doing the damn thing.

    I finally came across the Peter Gunz version of Cheaters. It airs in NY at 2:00AM. Who knew Gunz real last name is Pankey. Like Hankey-Pankey. You can’t make this shit up cause that last name is completely on brand for Gunz’s views on commitment.

    While y’all were on vaca, all hell broke loose on Twitter with Kwame dragging Charlamayne for filth. My mind immediately went to Justin because that’s his type of mess. Maybe that’s for Balls Deep because of Kwame, but Tha God getting blasted definitely seems non-sports related. It is just a hot buttered mess.

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