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BDS 397: Off The Chain

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Tim Tebow comeback, J. Cole Rwanda basketball, Bazemore talking shit, Aarib Rodgers trade talk, KY Derby winner on roids, Favre still owes MS money, Sydney Chase gets Gloria Allred as attorney, Northwestern AD resigns, mom liked being hit on by Shaq, Zach Wilson’s mom might be MAGA, Logan Paul needs security, OJ chimes in on Aaron Rodgers, Miles Bridges shoots his married shot at Kehlani, Jarryd Hayne sentenced to 4 years, Antonio Brown works out with 6ix9ine, man loses coffee chain over Lebron comments, broadcaster pulled from both over sexual assault accusations, Dwayne Bacon shoots his shot, porn stars compared to NBA players, Olivia Culpo, Colt Brennan dies, fighter arrested for identity theft, Father abuses son’s charity money to gamble, Kenny Mayne out at ESPN, OSU massage therapist fired, DeShaun Watson, half naked man at baseball game goes viral, MLB fan knows other fan out and Quintez Cephus breaks up by stealing.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jat Bev,

    I hope all is well.

    The Clippers really tanked the end of the season to avoid the Lakers, get an easier matchup against the Mavs and…Luka took that shit personality! The white boy was mad enough to headhunt Pat Bev whenever he got the ball. They tanked the end of the season against the two worst teams in the league and are about to catch that broom. I’d say I hate to see it, but it’s the Clippers so there ain’t much else see. Speaking of things the Clips can’t see, they don’t have a first round draft pick til 2027 *and* OKC can pick swap their 2023 and 2025 picks…all for the pleasure of watching Playoff P.

    Is Patrick Beverly just Matthew Dellavedova in black Air Force Ones?

    Why is Anthony Davis listed as a center when almost every time I see him in the paint, he’s in the process of getting muscled directly out the paint?

    Congrats to the Knicks on winning a playoff game against the Hawks! That was an awesome game. Knicks fans were in their Timbs chanting “fuck Trae Young” and Trae Young reminded them to never dare a lightskint nigga to shoot at the Garden…cuz the Knicks will lose.

    What do y’all think made Boston fans angrier: Kyrie asking Boston fans to tone down their racism or the Celtics getting cooked by Joe Harris cuz Danny Ainge was out here signing all these nigras to the roster instead of Harris?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe weekend and holiday! Thank you as always for the dope shows! Peace!

    – Dough

  2. chubbzero

    Welcome back rod, Karen and jywan jue [no anti semitism]. I try to pull for all black coaches, I really do. But I have to say I’m really enjoying watching coach lue get embarrassed by that Jim carey look a like Carlisle. All I can think about is Kawhi with that crown on his key ring in that commercial and George Paul calling himself playoff pee! And I’m like, “they deserve it!” Just think, boardman could have went to the Lakers and played with the best player ever but he chose pg13 and the clippers. Smh. You know doc rivers is somewhere in Philly with his feet up getting his life watching Luka torch them boys! Alright yall talk to you guys later!


    Welcome back Rod, Karen & Jddie D’ Hondt

    If the Clippers do fall to the Mavericks, this collapse might be better than their 3-1 collapse to the resilient Denver Nuggets. Kawhi & Layoff P actually showed up in Game 2, but it didn’t matter with Luka serving them up for filth with scoring & assisting like he’s John Wick. Doc Rivers somewhere in Phily laughing at this Clippers collapse, if it comes to fruition.

    Anyway NASCAR spotter Eddie D’ Hondt outchea lying to Hendrick Motorsports & NASCAR on him beating up a pregnant lady. Apparently, he hid these details from his team & employer since last year. Dude used to spot Chase Elliott, who is the reigning champion & won at the road course in Austin, Tx, this past Sunday. Hendrick suspended him indefinitely but I have a feeling that’ll turn into termination in coming weeks. Peace, y’all.

  4. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen and J Sharpe,

    I don’t know if Shannon Sharpe will be reprimand or fired but man if he loses his job there is always an opening for the Feds. That man didn’t even need a wire. I really hope Julio knew before hand because if not I’m sure it’s going to be some lawyers and furniture moving between them two. Also I caught Justin and you on Dom’s show and it was a great discussion until Justin started hating on my man Westbrook. He was going so hard on him when I heard Westbrook got hit with some popcorn I thought he did it. But seriously between that and Trae Young being spit on I do think it’s time the NBA addresses these issues and protect the players. Also did you all hear about Liz Cambage incident with the coach who brought up her weight when talking to a ref? But anyway love the show as always and hope yall enjoyed your break.


  5. Kemdoc

    They gotta do something about these fans man. What happened to RussWestbrook and that Knick fan that spit on Trey Young is disgusting. Who raised these people? I don’t like Trey but even the Fukk Trey Young chants are above what I can accept personally. He def invited it by going at the fans but still.

  6. fyahworks

    Brother Rod, Sister Karen, and Brother Justin!

    Welcome back, missed you guys, hope the break was enjoyable!

    1) I just listened to the playoff preview with you and and dom. Y’all are a big 3 when it comes to that shit! He took me out calling rj Barrett confederate solider and Old glory in the face ass nigga! Lol

    2) the nba at one time we thought was the league doing it right with this covid shit, now seems to be like everyone else! Msg been looking packed like a mother fucker for this play off games! It has been said that msg sold 15k tickets For the first 2 play off games in under an hour! So that’s 30-35 k tickets they told for them first 2 games! And it seems not a seat and un empty ! The nfl is also expecting full capacity at all the arena this fall!

    3) before I go, y’all think it was dom who dumped that popcorn on Westbrook after game 2? Lol

    Have a great weekend and holiday

    Fyahworks out!

  7. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jhannon Sharpe

    So it’s been almost a week, and we still don’t know if Julio Jones knew he was live on the air with Shannon. He should have taken lessons from Justin, if you wanna talk shit about the old job you gotta do it behind the paywall like a professional! This is what happens when Unc gets messy!

    Don’t let your love of the light skinned Trae DeBarge get you caught up in the slander! We been waiting since the Obama administration for another Playoff Win but we back! No Hawks in 3 DPalm! Randle got that playoff lemon booty and we STILL came back on them like they’re the Falcons. Coach McMillan talking about his starters were tired in the second half. They’re not built for this!! Don’t worry about this being a Super Spreader event Rod! This has been a long time coming. 

    Appreciate the dope shows as always and hope y’all have a great week and get to enjoy the holiday. 

  8. trey_swindu744

    I’m just here for the Kwame Brown videos discussion lol Kwame over there making videos like he CT muthafuckin Fletcher hahahaha

    Thanks Rod , Karen and Justin

  9. Kemdoc

    What’s up Riley, Kelis, and Julius Jandle,

    It’s nice to be able to watch basketball again and know it’s not a waste of 2 hours. For the past 8 or 9 years it hasn’t felt fun but more like torture. Huge blowouts. Losing games because of a lack of effort. Turmoil in the building itself.

    Somehow with patience and clearly the decks, the narrative has changed. Scott Perry and Leon Rose are killing it. Might be time to give the upper brash credit for bringing the right ingredients together to make this work. Excellent coach, great signings, and stellar staff. Competence. Got Derrick Rose for a bodega cat and a quarter water. He’s been really special for us. I think Thibs unlocks the best effort out of him offensively and defensively.

    The Knicks defense is a beast. Defending every possession and if you score you made the extra pass for sure. Protecting the rim with guys like Nerlens Noel. Never getting blown out. They’re in every game to the final second and can actually finish teams off. I was figuring the defense would be there but for the Knicks to have a scary offense is a shock. Hitting contested threes, guards that actually drive the paint and hit layups, breakouts like Alec Burks, Quigley, Obi….and we’re doing this with Mitchell Robinson out due to injury. It’s really been something.

    It’s ironic to hear cats like Stephen A talk about the NY basketball picture. According to him, the Nets have the stars and the best record overall, but the Knicks have recaptured the heart of the city and are who NYers are pulling for. I would say the Knicks run the town because they’re not a transplant team. The Brooklyn Nets still feel very New Jersey to a lot of New Yorkers.

    It would be interesting to see the two teams square off but it’s a terrible matchup currently. It’s too much fire power on the Nets side and congrats to them on forcing the league to get the star KD and Kyrie wanted.

    It never felt this good with Porzingis. Melo’s tenure had that one great season. This feels very different. Thibs has extracted something special. And I haven’t even talked about Julius Randle. He’s a special player. When he said ‘hot take, the Knicks will make the playoffs…’ niggas laughed him all the way to queens. He’s putting in work in every city and it shows. Re-sign him and resign these critical pieces.

    We here. The off season will get interesting now. Cause the stars don’t even need to fake like they’re going to the Knicks. If we get quality players to sign we can keep builder. The Knicks are already decent and a tough play with what we have. And the Tuskegee Airman RJ Barrett has that dog in him. This is only his second year and he made the leap that they said he would but no one expected because it’s the Knicks.

    When players that struggled the entire game and win (good for the Lakers) taunt Spike Lee, you know what time it is. Shoutout to Spike. He’ll go anywhere and welcomes the taunts. He’s as much apart of the teams DNA as anything. It’s nice to see him celebrate again.

    It just feels different this time. I have no playoff expectations. I’m happy we’re improving on management and coaching and overall execution. We’ll see what happens.

    It’s exciting again,

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