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2339: Right… Now Back To The Matter At Hand

Rod and Karen discuss the “anniversary” of George Floyd’s murder, Coronavirus News, Lacey Shorts article from 2017, man gets 20 months for trying to burn police precint, TX passes new gun law for MORE guns, Trump now under criminal investigation in NY, patronizing work phrases, Black electrician finds nooses, Disney anti-racism training, The Gaines donate to racist candidate, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. mizzbarnes

    Speaking of annoying work phrases,,,,,,,,

    So, my team manger and one other teammates are too ‘cheerleader’ and too Valley Girl with our team chat, especially around Fridays. They’re like,. It’s FRI-YAY or YES, IT’S FRIDAY!!!
    I’m like, bitch, calm down. You’re paying me this delicious overtime, so I will be working all weekend long, so fuck you and your FRI-YAY -_-

    Another fucking phrase is, ‘I hear you….I hear exactly what you’re saying………
    No you don’t, because you’re ready to tell me the reason why what I’m saying is about to be overruled……

    Yes, I’m alot of salty when I typed this, but I will ask God to forgive me and ask him to bless me to keep my job….Amen.

  2. Mdiarra

    I have a lot of complicated feelings with the way this anniversary is being treated. I haven’t seen as much celebration and mission accomplished from folks as I have a lot of sadness and anger at the lack of product. I think you’ve said it before but White guilt is a finite resource and i feel like it started running low soon as Trump was out of office and was fully on E after Derek Chauvins trial.

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