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2340: Fear Of Black Hesitancy

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, City councilman car jacked in ATL, woman caught husband cheating from birth announcement, Firework shortage, candy store job posting, MyPillow dude kicked out republican governor’s meeting, Seth Rogen on Cancel Culture, companies speaking up on racial injustice, racist woman targets news station, Amy Cooper suing her former employer, racist restaurant turns away Dominique Wilkins, Black Capitalists and sword ratchetness.

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  1. SuavyP

    As a DC resident i can confirm that the discrepancy is definitely vaccine hesitancy. DC which is a liberal haven has made getting the vaccine as convenient as possible. there a multiple mass vaccination cites all over the city and Amazon, having recently set up shop in the area, has had a massive vaccination drive at most (if not all) of their warehouse locations for the general public. So the discrepancy is definitely not due to lack of access or messaging. i get emails from the mayors office constantly about vaccine drives and the call to get vaccinated is all over the radio local popular radio stations. I remember back in 2020 when right before things were shut down, i had a random conversation with a young lady at a bar and her response was that this was all overblown and the “Jesus got her”. Idk how many times i’ve heard this sentiment throughout the pandemic from our sisters. It’s a shame because we complain that we are the hardest hit community, yet when we are faced with a legit solution, we revert back to self inflicting patterns. Just wanted to bring some perspective from the DMV area. I just hope that we eventually come around and realize that it’s up to all of us to get through this pandemic. and rely on just the “blood of Jeeesus” to get us through this. As you once elegantly put it,.. “Jesus would tell you to take the vaccine”!! Let’s do better y’all!

  2. Mdiarra

    That fear of Black Hesitancy is hella real. Living in the DC area and seeing some of my friends who I KNOW aren’t vaccinated still wilding out in bars and hookah spots has shown its not just about a lack of access. While im sure there are a lot of issues, especially because in the areas where Black people are heavily condensed are also the places where they don’t have as many places that do a walk in appointment or even know about these lyft/uber free ride programs. But yea I think a lot more have bought into those conspiracy theories and people love a good anecdote to justify not taking something. Throw that in with a good amount of people who believe and subscribe to the Hotep science even without being fully hoteps themselves. Same people sharing “Dr” Sebi quotes idk what we can do to fix this.

    On another note I have a few examples of folks doing whatever they wanted while “WFH” lol. My moms a teacher and she said she had multiple of her teaching aides doing Doordash or Uber eats while they were supposed to be assisting teaching. And I have a friend who’s at a small tech company where they had to fire an IT person who had two full time jobs that he was doing at the same time. Only reason they even found out he was working two jobs was that he accidentally left himself unmuted while on two separate calls with both jobs. They had to fire this man for his double dipping and the funny thing was he wasnt even getting his work done for my friends company on time! But hey im sure them double checks at tech companies was nice.

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