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BDS 398: A Broken Ankh Is Right Twice A Day

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Kwame Brown going off, Shannon Sharpe “accidentally” start Julio Jones scandal, NBA fans out of control, Liz Cambage addresses rude coach, Lamar Odom child support, Marv Albert retiring, Chris Webber and Jalen Rose squash the beef, Kemba fashion mistake, Tristan Thompson baby mama drama, Olympics, robber breaks into UFC fighter’s truck, Chung called wrong kind of minority candidate, Lamar Odom and Karlie Redd, Keith Appling accused of murder, Malik Beasley messy drama and Naomi Osaka won’t speak to press.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Janny Ainge,

    I hope all is well.

    Oh Boston. Remember when everyone said that Danny Ainge was a mastermind thief who okie doked Brooklyn outta all those picks? Hell of a way for him to close out a thoroughly mediocre executive career by having Brooklyn come through and torch his poorly assembled team in front of his ugly, racist fanbase. You truly to hate to see it. Who could’ve thought that it’s impossible to build for the future and play for right now (other than every nigga with eyes)?

    Can y’all believe Ainge thought Anthony Davis would want to come Boston? Why spend half his time injured *and* be cold at the same time *and* be getting called a spook by the locals? No sir, AD decided he wanted to be hurt all the time in that California sunshine, which sucks cuz this Lakers team looks worse than LeBron’s last few Cavs teams. How do they fix this team moving forward other than LeBron James being healthy?

    Aye can Knicks maintain this competency, cuz rooting against them has been so much fun. I saw an Allan Houston jersey in the wild a few weeks back and I live in Chicago, so I know the land of Timbs and deadass must’ve been hyped. Knicks were fun as hell to watch! Even their fans chanting “Fuck Trae Young” or how Trae is going bald (losing his hair from the scalp outward, such a shame) was fun! And I sincerely hope the Knicks fans had fun this season too!

    I hope Naiomi Osaka is okay. Sports ain’t exactly the best place for mental health struggles, especially with the engrained “just power through it” mantra, so I do hope that Osaka is okay.

    Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for the dope content!




    Hey Rod, Karen & Jndianapolis 500

    As I was preparing writing this for y’alls show, someone on Twitter asked a question on if LeBron loses to the Suns, will it affect his GOAT status, which, spoiler alert, fuck no. Time & time again, we revisit this very question with LeBron on a number of occasions because he has set astounding standard for how the game of basketball is played. To me, he has surpassed his contemporaries for his independence, selflessness, aggression, helping his community, obviously winning four championships with three organizations, etc. It’s a vast list. His legacy was already cemented for overcoming a 3-1 deficit in the 2016 Finals to the Warriors. Sure, people will give the credit to Kyrie for shooting a big three that ended a 4+ minute scoring period between both the Cavs & Golden State but without Bron aggression & defensive intensity, Kyrie “third eye” Irving wouldn’t be in that position. He’s already won at life, so losing a playoff series to a great Suns team isn’t even close to a blemish. It’s not. Of course, they’ll be the “he’s not Jordan or Kobe” conversation, but he’s not those guys & he’s better than them. I say that with zero hesitation, too. To go this long with consecutive finals appearances, countless eye-gouging performances in the playoffs is ridiculous. RIP Kobe, but name the last time you could count on Kobe in a game 7, for instance or the times that Michael Jordan couldn’t get out of the first-round early in his career or the times when he came back from from baseball in 1995, only to lose in the second round to the Magic? Bron has excelled in those categories that’ll make those GOATs blush. Bron hasn’t lost early in the playoffs since the Celtics in ’10 & with the exception of his awful 2011 Finals performance, has been spectacular for a god damn decade. So I guess it’s only natural that GAWD Bron is just Bron. Same incredible reputation but with injuries & having to come back after a shortened break due to Covid, he’s a mortal now, I guess. That’s life, man.

    There’s a line from Raging Bull that gets me all the time that Joe Pesci utters to Robert De Niro, who played boxer Jake La Motta, “If you win, you win. If you lose, you still win”. Clippers can’t hold that distinction, even with two-time champion Kawhi (and yes, you too Layoff P with them dumb late TOs in the 4th) looking sorry late with that lemonbooty 3 attempt, last night.

    Anyway, let me get off my Clippers slander & get back to praising King James. This nigga won forever & when he decides to say I had enough, he’s gonna keep winning after the game is over for him. A lot of his detractors really would want his career, I just doubt they can handle the absurd goalpost maneuvering that happens from the press & fans. Winning 4 titles & finals MVPs is nothing to be ashamed of. Hell, it’s the most of his era when he did come into the league. Bron, just float into the sky & flip the bird like Keanu Reeves did near the end of Constantine & stunt on them. And props to Naomi Osaka, media’s just flat-out wrong making it something it’s not. Take the L & be quiet. That’s all I got. Peace.

  3. Kemdoc

    Rory, Kingsley, and Kenny Smith’s Knock Knees,

    Kemdoc relieved as ever……

    My goodness y’all! Was Kenny’s knees looking like this when he was with the Rockets 35 years ago. I mean damn. What da Fukk. I super cringe when he runs over to the big board to illustrate nothing.

    Welp. The Knicks did a thing. Lol. I will say it felt about right to lose the first game, win the second one, and then get bumrushed out the series thereafter.

    They just didn’t have it at all. They had a special sauce during the season that didn’t translate on this particular playoff run. I’m very encouraged about the things we can change and control though.

    Mitchell Robinson coming back will make things look a lot different with improvements to the core. We finally have our shyt together as far as draft capital and I’m not worried about being gaslit by free agency lol. I don’t give a Fukk about who all says they coming. It don’t matter. We used to need that hope but we’re building correctly now.

    Trae….I wonder if he looks this unstoppable in the Philly series? I think Ben will D him up and hopefully they will not let him roam around aimlessly to dump it off to Capela. The kid makes plays. That’s for sure. Superstar??? Nah. Just the worst matchup for the Knicks who never went at him on the defensive side. He was just standing around and fresh.

    The last thing I’ll say is it’s a troll job and disgusting to have Reggie And Marv Albert do the play by play for the game. Marv had no idea what was going on. I muted them altogether and wished I had the MSG feed with Mike Breen and Walt Clyde Frazier. They’re truly the best duo and even the Breen replacements break down the action really well. Yesterday was a slap in the face to knick fans and they know it. But that’s cool. I’m glad it’s over to be honest.

    Y’all move over on the couch so I can squeeze in lol,

  4. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Joston Celtics

    Who knew niggas took that logo so serious?? I didn’t even know that little mascot had a name but you had grown men like KG all the way up in their feelings and let Kyrie burn their whole franchise to the ground. But somehow they STILL managed to let a white man fail up. Brad Stevens was so tired of having Black men talk back to him he tried to quit multiple times and instead of letting him go after his team underachieved again they promoted him to GM.

    Can’t think of any other basketball that happened this week. Nope, nothing comes to mind. So it turns out you’re not gonna win too many playoff series when you shoot 30%, your two best players can’t score and you give up lob after lob in the paint with your starting center out. Still most fun Knicks season I’ve had in about a decade. I’ll take that shit.

    Appreciate the dope shows as always, hope y’all enjoyed the holiday weekend

  5. fyahworks

    What’s good Rod Karen and JNBA

    “Gotta be careful what U wish for “ is one of the most truest sayings in history! The league and owners and possibly the players wanted fans back in seats so bad that it turn into popcorn being thrown on westbrook (by dom) trae young allegedly spit on, and kyrie Irving doing the a town stomp on the Celtic logo., and used it as a doormat, Followed by a water bottle thrown at him! What Kyrie did got KG big mad! But I for one, enjoyed what uncle drew did! Boston is eliminated so ain’t nothing they can do at this point about it! Now Boston gotta find a new coach cuz brad going up stairs and Danny ainge is out the door. There’s talks of j Kidd as a replacement but I don’t see that as a good fit. Since they went to game 7 in the ecf and lebron sent them home, that team has only been trending downwards. Time to shake shit up!

    Look like there’s trouble in LA! With both teams on the brink of elimination! I go back to my first sentence ! Clippers wished to avoid the lakers And ended up facing a mavs team looking for revenge from last year! Clippers gon clip! Mean while ad aka mr glass can’t seem to stay healthy! And changed maybe coming in the off-season. It’s been a rough year for the lakers with various injuries, but either guys ain’t stepping up or Vogel don’t know how to make adjustments. Justin, is it time to move kuz?

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

  6. Teamwombraider

    Finally!! While you guys were hiatus, I enjoy going through the feed, listening to old episodes.
    I came across BDS, ep. 40 Suga Ray Rice. Showing Kobe love while slamming Kwame Brown & Smush Parker (come on guys, they can’t all be all stars).
    Now in 2021, Kwame is sounding off! We should check on Smush and make sure he’s doing ok.
    Thanks again guys,

  7. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod, Karen and Jeltic pride. Who knew former quote unquote tough guys like KG was so sensitive about a logo? Now if I am being honest stomping on the mid-court sign is usually a sign of disrespect but I’m used to the former player calling the current teams players out about not checking the player who disrespected their court, instead of making excuses for the crazy fan who threw a bottle at a player. Also when I first heard the story about Osaka the Serena stand in me was like damn poor her but good cause she stay kicking Serena’s ass. Only to find out it more than likely won’t matter because when it comes to clay courts Osaka is the female Pete Sampras. This also feels like ppl love Naomi and it is also another chance for people to shit on the press and media because over the last five years the public has turned on the press. As always peace niggas only

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