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TNO 169: Monster Massa

Rod, Karen, Justin and LaShonda discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Mass Effect romance mods, Call of Duty fires voice actor for sexim, Xbox quick resume, YouTube shorts, Target stores no longer selling Pokemon cards, Attack The Block 2, Vindicators spin-off, Highlander reboot, Kevin Feige discusses white washing scandal, Twitch hot tub category, CW Powerpuff Girls pilot rumors, Amazon buys MGM, Call of Duty bands 350K players for racism, JJ Abrams not planning movies, Ares Actor didn’t know he was in Snyder cut, Kraven movie, Injustice animated movie, Danai Gurira reprising Okoye on Disney Plus and Army Of The Dead viewer numbers.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Nerds of the Negro persuasion

    I have enclosed an invoice of the amount of $71.25 Canadian dollars. This amount covers the cost of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition which I bought because Rod’s posts on social media made me not want to wait for it to come out on Game Pass. On a serious note though I have been a fan of Mass Effect for a while now. When I returned to gaming back in 2012, I bought Mass Effect 3 for the PS3. I played as a deeply tanned white woman Shepherd (there were no options for actual black facial features) and fell in love with the game, even though I jumped in at the end of the trilogy. I loved Andromeda which I played a couple years ago and always planned to get the first parts of the original trilogy. I definitely am enjoying playing through the story so far.


  2. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here. Currently swimming in the most money I’ve ever been paid so life is good over here (we’ll see how much I have left to enjoy after I do my taxes and pay some bills lol). Hope the Spotify Money is treating yall well too.

    Thoroughly enjoyed this episodes guests. I feel really bad being so ridiculously behind on Supergirl so I haven’t sent in feedback for the MTR network reviews. For some reason the CW shows haven’t come back on UK TV since the end of the last season’s when covid was becoming the menace we know it to be today. And yh man, the way Justin’s face lit up at the mention of one piece, a true man of taste haha.

    Onto the news, yh as you can imagine us black Brits are besides ourselves at the news of attack the block 2. When the first one came out it got bad reviews from some well known publications because the old white men reviewing somehow couldn’t find it in themselves to see the main black characters as people. Now we’ve seen some of that cast flourish and seen John flourish more than those narrow minded old farts could ever imagine. As I was with Pacific rim 2 I will be there opening night. I’m getting my 2nd Pfizer shot in a little over a month so I’ll risk it for whenever this comes out.

    With regards to this 2nd wakanda centered Disney plus show. Man, it is nice to see roxxane gay talk her shit on twitter. I loved world of wakanda and I hope marvel have a sequel to it out when the shows are coming out. I didn’t forget that shit left off on a cliffhanger lol. I am so excited to see the diaspora wars vanish for the release periods of these wakanda shows so we can all get a bit of rest it haha.

    Speaking of black panther, I read the last 2 issues of coates’ run. I am so fucking sad to see him move on from black panther but the ending was so satisfying. Having both artists Daniel Acuna and Brian Stelfreeze here to put a pin on this amazing run was perfect. The last few pages were some of the most gorgeous art Brian has done. The way they dealt with Tetu was so satisfying (fuck that dude), the end of zenzis arc made so much sense, I’m glad with how they handled the storm-tchalla stuff at the end, then the respect they showed to all the characters who we lost along the way. So much happened oh my god.

    If John Ridley takes us back to some Reggie hudlin tier cooning I’m gonna be mad lol. They also better not let any future writers ignore LGBT characters like Ayo and aneka too. A lot of hotep black panther stans have been seething this entire time and I saw their ashy tweets on the timeline celebrating coates’ departure. Hoping for the best with the new run and I hope they don’t throw away the new status quo coates left us with. so much cool stuff can be done with what’s been set up.

    Last couple things, yo I get what Anthony Mackie was trying to say with his comments but at this point I think we need to stop asking actors about shipping stuff in interviews because all that happens is mess. Also this was the longest period of time mackie went not saying anything dumb so he was bound to slip up. Imma give him the benefit of the doubt lol. Shout-out to all the white gays who didn’t care about Sam in the first place who used this opportunity to call Anthony all the slurs though. I see y’all lmao.

    And lastly, I started watching Underground railroad and good lord there are some beautiful black people in that. Its really stressful to watch and depressing but I Stan Barry and the cast so I will press on. I need some of these actors to be in something where I can properly ogle them and not feel bad smh. I felt bad just typing that lol. Anyway, love y’all, Felix out.

  3. rodimusprime

    Hey y’all,

    I just wanted to say I greatly your first Nerd Off episodes. Thanks for the awesome shows. Also a special ‘thank you’ to LaShonda for introducing me to Mr. Ballen. I am officially down the rabbit hole. This dude is one of the best storytellers I have ever heard. He is so entertaining that my daughter and my mom watch him.

    His YouTube videos are super entertaining and scary. He tells stories about everybody, but there is a whole lot of interesting stories about white nonsense- white folks being tracked and hunted in the woods while camping, white folks not leaving haunted houses, white folks not watching their kids so they get snatched up, white folks not following the warning signs or obeying rules so they end up dead and so on.

    You and your guests always have cool book, show, and movie recommendations. I recently watched Crack and I learned so much. I will never not hate the Reagans. Anyway, you really find some gems. Speaking of which, if you have a chance, definitely watch In Our Mother’s Garden on Netflix. It is tremendous. These women dropped bars. It was a treat to watch.


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